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Many Companies Think "Close Enough" Is "Good Enough."

The Jericho Way Is To ALWAYS Do It The Right Way.

Why Choose Us

All kitchen and bathroom remodeling companies have to make a choice. They can assume an attitude of, “no one’s perfect,” and “the homeowner won’t notice that,” or “close enough.” Or they can do what Jericho does… and insist on strict standards and absolute precision.

And while remodeling contractors in Kansas City, unfortunately, choose the “close enough” route, Jericho has committed to the highest standards of service and installation. We always, always, ALWAYS do it the RIGHT WAY.

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We Are Over-Cautious About Who We Hire.
Only Kansas City’s Elite Master Installers Make Our Cut.

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We Get The Details Right And Never Cut Corners.
Superior Installation Means Superior Results.

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On-Time, Quick To Answer Phone Calls, And Friendly To A Fault.
You’ll Have A Beautiful New Home… And Make Some New Friends.

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