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Stress-Free Remodeling Starts With Communication, Expectations, And Accountability.

We’ll Give You Solutions. Not The Runaround.

It’s both shocking and surprisingly common. We hear from Kansas City homeowners all the time about kitchen and bath remodeling companies that come out to their home to talk about their project and then don’t follow through.

Homeowners don’t hear from them again for weeks – and sometimes not at all.

Or they do get a quote… but it’s vague and/or written on a piece of notebook paper or a napkin.


We frequently hear about contractors being late for appointments… or missing them altogether.

We believe you deserve better. A lot better.

We’ve Designed Jericho For A Seamless, Stress-Free
Experience Start To Finish

We don’t want customers, we want RAVING FANS. That’s why we’ve carefully thought through every aspect of your kitchen and bath remodeling experience.

Here is what you can expect in terms of service and professionalism:

Would you like to discover more about what professional standards you should demand from any contractor you hire? Please visit this page to download a free copy of the Consumer Awareness for Home Remodeling Guide.

Here’s the bottom line: you’re paying a company thousands of dollars for a kitchen and bath remodel. Don’t you deserve the most professional, stress-free, hassle-free experience possible? We think so.

Call us to get started with a free, no-obligation design consultation and quote.