Bathroom Remodeling

“Close Enough” Is NOT Good Enough…
With Jericho, The Right Way Is The ONLY Way.

We’ll Deliver A Bathroom You Absolutely LOVE.

In Fact, We’re The Only KC Bathroom Remodeler That Guarantees Its Results.

Do you know the difference between a “good enough” bathroom remodel… and one that you will absolutely love?

The most important factor—by far—is the contractor you choose to do the project. Professionalism matters. So does experience. And most of all, the people and methods must be in place to deliver AMAZING results every single time.

And when it comes to AMAZING results, nobody comes close to Jericho. From Master Installers to superior products, to exceptional design, to stress-reducing communications, we have thought of EVERYTHING.

Products—Only The Best Will Do. No Exceptions.

We simply refuse to use inferior or unproven products in your bathroom. Period. We’re so strict because products that fail in a bathroom environment frequently lead to leaking and water damage—which means big, expensive headaches. We know, because we get calls almost weekly from frustrated homeowners who hired another contractor and had a horrible experience that resulted from “going cheap.” Only to find out their entire project needs to be ripped out and redone.

Some manufacturers will often claim their product is “just as good” as the proven, best-quality brand, but for less money.

Don’t believe it. We’ve tested just about everything, and “close” products are never as good. Many contractors are willing to take the risk to lower costs—so they can sell the job. We NEVER risk quality on unproven products just to lower costs. It’s a bad long-term investment for our customers.

One-on-one In-Home Design Consultation:

We bring the showroom to you! This takes the work, hassle and worry out of designing your new bathroom remodeling project. Our custom designer will arrive at your home with all the sample materials necessary to design your project. With your input, they will help design your dream bathroom or other remodeling project all at a fair and affordable price.

Professional Installation Technicians:

At Jericho Home Improvements, we only hire the top 5% of the installers we interview. Our employees undergo thorough background checks and drug testing to ensure they meet Jericho’s high standards. Because of these expectations we put on ourselves we have acquired the best team of Master Installers in Kansas City. These are experts who specialize in bathroom remodeling – in most cases, bathroom remodeling is all they do every working day of the year. Over time, they’ve stored up priceless experience… which is critical, considering that bathrooms are widely considered the most complicated home remodeling project.

Compare our Master Installers to most contractors’ methodology: Instead of one or two Expert MASTER Installers who do everything, other contractors cobble together an array of sub-contractors who take twice as long to complete the project and do (in most cases) half as good of a job.

No Subcontractors – They Cause Problems

Speaking of sub-contractors, we don’t use them.

Many Kansas City bathroom remodelers rely heavily – sometimes exclusively – on sub-contractors. This means that you’ll have a parade of different workers coming into your home, and that your project can experience delays while your contractor waits for sub-contractors to become available.

Our way is to bring in an elite team of 1 to 2 Master Installers who know every single aspect of your bathroom remodel. No delays, and more importantly, our top quality standards are maintained.

Also know that we take accountability and quality control very seriously. Your bathroom remodel will have a project manager who monitors all aspects of the work. They even do a “job walk” before anyone picks up a tool. This careful planning means a smooth project for you.

(Note: in a few very rare cases we use specialty sub-contractors to move a gas line or other out-of-the-ordinary tasks. Nearly 100% of the routine work is completed by our own full-time employees).

Full-Service Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling – Get Exactly What You Want

We can do literally anything you want.

We can move walls. We can raise ceilings. We can add a whole new bathroom or we can use your existing bathroom layout and just update it. With Jericho, you always get the bathroom you really want.

To give you some ideas, here is a list of some of what we do. Keep in mind this is just a partial list – we’ll customize based on your project:

  • Ceramic, porcelain, and natural stone tile
  • Custom Spa Showers
  • Tub to shower conversions
  • Massaging jetted tubs
  • Handicap-accessible “walk-in” tubs
  • Custom vanities and cabinetry
  • Granite, solid surface, and marble vanity tops
  • Heated floors
  • ADA products
  • Bathroom plumbing products in any style and finish
  • Steam rooms
  • Lighting
  • Imperial Stone shower systems (Exclusive from Jericho)

More Helpful Things To Know

We’d be honored to give you a free consultation and quote. Our consultations are very educational – don’t make a decision until you talk with one of our friendly experts! Call Jericho Home Improvements today at (913) 596-0000 or fill out our online contact form