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Don’t Get Stuck In A Nightmare Situation – Always Ask Enough Questions First

Most homeowners don’t ask enough questions before they hire a kitchen or bathroom remodeling company. Whether it’s not knowing what to ask or just being timid, not getting enough information can become a huge problem.

You can get stuck in a nightmarish situation where you are paying a contractor thousands and thousands of dollars and they’re simply not up to the job.

The way forward is to always ask plenty of questions BEFORE making a hiring decision. Here are 15 questions we strongly recommend asking any Kansas City remodeling company you are considering.

Carefully listening to the answers will give you a very clear picture of the quality and real reputation of any remodeling company – all before you spend a dime!

  1. Do you use sub-contractors?

What you want to hear is: “No!” Companies that employ fully-qualified, experienced Master Installers are the best choice.

  1. Do you have references?

Listen for this kind of answer: “Yes, we have a hundred available right here – you can call any of them.”

  1. How many years has your company been in business?

A decade or more is a great answer.

  1. What’s your rating with the Better Business Bureau?

Never settle for anything less than a company with an A+ Rating.

  1. Do you have any kind of money back guarantee?

A Kansas City remodeler that truly stands behind its work will give you a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

  1. Do you put your guarantees in writing?

The answer here has to be “yes” or that’s a red flag.

  1. Do you have professional design services?

Don’t fall for a remodeler telling you design is not necessary because they’ve done plenty of remodels without them. That’s a recipe for disappointing results. Insist on professional design using software.

  1. Have you won any awards or been ranked by any remodeling magazine or organization?

This can give you a good idea of the company’s reputation among its peers.

  1. What’s your website address?

Okay, you may have checked them out online already. But this question is a good reminder that a professional, well-crafted website is a clue to the overall professionalism of the contractor.

  1. Why is your price so low?

This might seem like a joke, but if you get a company coming in with a price too good to be true, you want to explore what is being left out. If you would like to get a specific price from us on your project, Contact Us and schedule a free consultation.

  1. Who will I go to if I’m unhappy, have a question, or am concerned about anything?

A good answer is that your kitchen or bathroom remodel will be assigned a specific project manager who will be accountable for the project’s success.

  1. What is the general impression and energy level of the company you are considering?

This is more of a question you are asking yourself as you meet with any contractor. Do they make a good impression? Do they come across as friendly and positive? These intangibles can make a big difference over the course of a remodel.

  1. Ask questions about what kind of materials and products they install? Do they think it’s okay to use lesser options to cut their expenses?

You might think that almost no Kansas City kitchen or bathroom remodeler would say, ‘yes, we use cheap stuff.’ While they might not say it exactly like that, some will tell you it’s perfectly fine to sacrifice some quality to cut costs. We disagree. Don’t hurt the value of your home by using inferior materials, even if it saves you a little money upfront.

  1. Are they fully licensed and insured?

Of course, never do business with anyone that isn’t. It leaves you exposed to liability.

  1. What do their clients say about them in reviews?

If you want to see Jericho Home Improvement reviews, you should visit this page.

Remember – always ask plenty of questions – it’s the surest way to get results you’ll love!

You are welcome to a free consultation, design, and quote from us. To schedule one, Contact Us.

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