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Sometimes you’re not in need of a major gut job when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Sometimes a small fix will save you money and work just as well to really revamp and refresh your bathroom. Searching for inspiration for your bathroom? Here are 16 of our favorite small things you can do to refresh your bathroom. 


#1 – Update Your Toilet

Is your old porcelain toilet outdated and obnoxious? Consider switching to a soft close toilet, designed to close more slowly and subtly. You can also opt for a water efficient toilet to reduce your output and the cost of your monthly water bill.


#2 – Replace Tiles and Refresh Grout

You may not need to completely retile your shower. If you have a few tiles that are cracked or coming loose, you can have those replaced. While you’re at it, refresh the grout that holds the tile together. Grout can easily become infested with mold and mildew so you want to make sure that this stays in shape — and that it looks good in the meantime, too.


#3 – Repaint

Painting is a reasonably small job, but one that makes a big difference. Changing the main color in the room can completely revolutionize it. If your bathroom is beginning to fade into the background, opt for something bolder. If it feels loud and cluttered, a soft yellow or blue might be better suited to your purpose. If you don’t want to paint, consider hanging wallpaper.


#4 – Hang Some Photos

Your bathroom is a personal room in your home, and it calls for a personal touch. If you need to add a little life to your bathroom, consider finding some nice picture frames and hanging up pictures of your family. Live alone? Hang up pictures of yourself with your found family like your friends, of your favorite places, or of your pets.


#5 – Add a Backsplash

This is a retiling project, but a fairly minor one. You can add a charming backsplash to the back of the sink to enhance the color and style of the room while also protecting the wall from any…well, back splashing. 


#6 – Upgrade Your Bathroom Vanity

Your bathroom vanity is where you get yourself ready for the day most likely. Consider opting for a vanity that includes cabinet space, countertops, and sinks so that you have everything you need in one stylish location. Did your household recently grow? Maybe it’s time to swap that single vanity out for a double vanity.


#7 – Hang A Mirror

Hopefully your bathroom already has a mirror. If not, this is a must. But what if you have a small bathroom that feels a little cramped? Hanging another bathroom mirror will create the illusion of space, and will also help you to see yourself from multiple angles while you get ready before heading into work.


#8 – Upgrade Bathroom Hardware

This means door knobs, drawer handles, faucets, lighting fixtures, and showerheads. These are all small but practical necessities, things that make more of a difference in your bathroom than you know. If they clash with your design, it stands out. When your hardware feels outdated or doesn’t fit your style, it’s time to upgrade it with something that does.


#9 – Use Contact Paper

Want marble countertops but find that they’re way out of your budget? Contact paper is designed to cover budget friendly, durable countertops with a design that looks convincingly like your favorite countertop surfaces. With this, you can have the look you want for your bathroom countertops without the cost.


#10 – Add Houseplants

Do you have a window ledge in your bathroom that’s just waiting for something to fill it? Small houseplants will liven up the space and make it feel more cozy…and more aromatic. If you don’t want anything high maintenance and you’re worried about the moisture of the space, consider succulents.


#11 – Get a New Shower Curtain

This small change is shockingly effective. Your eye is naturally drawn to your shower curtain, so if you’re tired of the look of your bathroom, your shower curtain might have something to do with it. Find a new curtain that’s more in line with your tastes. You can also protect it from soap, grime, mold and mildew with a vinyl curtain liner.


#12 – Upgrade Your Lighting

Good lighting is an absolute must for any bathroom, and you may have simply inherited your outdated bathroom lighting from the last owners. Take some time to add or upgrade your lighting, whether that’s to switch to LED lights, to add more light, or to swap your lighting fixtures out for more stylish options.


#13 – Install In-Wall Shelves

Need more storage, but running out of space? Consider installing shelves into your wall. You can add floating shelves where you can store towels and toiletries, or you can build cubby shelves of sorts into the wall. These cubby shelves will take up no space at all within the room while still giving you extra storage.


#14 – Frost Your Window Glass

A window can be a great way to let natural lighting into your bathroom so that it feels less cavelike. However, homeowners often feel exposed by traditional window glass, which prevents them from using bathroom windows. If you opt for frosted or decorative glass, you can get all the lighting you want while maintaining your privacy.


#15 – Declutter and Add Storage

Even just decluttering will help to change your perspective on your bathroom. Take out everything you no longer need and either toss it or give it away. Organize the rest. Then you can add storage with a stylish textured basket, more shelves, or whatever solution strikes your fancy.


#16 – Add a Towel Rack

Already have a towel rack in your bathroom? Great! Think about adding another. You should have at least two — one within an arm’s distance of the shower and another by the sink for hand towels. The more towel racks you have, the more you can stay neat and tidy with your towels…and everyone can have their own towel to use.

There are many small bathroom changes that you can make on your own. For the big things, trust Jericho Home Improvements. Contact us today to learn more or to schedule a free estimate.

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