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We want to do something most kitchen and bath remodeling companies refuse to do: pull the curtain back on some unsavory industry practices that hurt homeowners.

Even remodeling contractors that don’t use these tactics are often hesitant to call out others for these deceptive practices. It’s considered bad form to air the dirty laundry.

But you can count us out on keeping quiet. It’s plain unfair to homeowners. We’re going to tell you about 2 sneaky tricks used by contractors during the quote process that are unfair to homeowners.


Zip Code Pricing

Did you know that some Kansas City area kitchen and bath remodelers use the term ‘zip code’ pricing?

This refers to the practice of “adjusting” a quote based on the area or neighborhood.

Are you quoting a remodeling project in a higher-end neighborhood with luxury vehicles in every driveway? Then add 20% to 40% to the quote.

Quoting in a zip code that has sky-rocketing home values? Then be sure to add an extra $10,000 or $20,000 to your price.

To us, this kind of thing is completely unethical and unfair. If you go to buy a new television, does anyone ask you where you live and how much you can afford?

Of course not. You pay for the TV at the same fair price as everyone else.

So why on earth should remodeling pricing be any different? Same product + same amount of work = same pricing for everyone.

That’s how we do it at Jericho Home Improvements. In fact, we have a Proprietary Pricing Program that guarantees fair and even pricing for ALL homeowners.

We never make quotes up and we never play pricing games based on what we think we can get you to pay. We calculate your quote based on your product choices and the amount of work.

No games, no dishonesty.


‘Low Bid It To Get It’

The other sneaky pricing trick that is all too common is submitting a low bid just to get the job. They’ll figure out later how to get you to pay more.

In some cases, the low bid is unintentional. Many of the guys who work out of their truck have very poor estimating skills and underbid because they don’t have a firm grasp of actual costs.

But whether it’s intentional or not, the “low bid it to get it” philosophy will give you a massive headache later. We call it “death by change order.”

Here’s how it works:

The contractor will start the remodel and you’ll start seeing the cheap products they want to use in your remodel. It will be builder-grade materials (i.e., the cheapest stuff they can get away with) – things like IKEA type cabinets, cheap grout, and bargain basement flooring.

So you tell the contractor you want better products. They’re willing… but only if you sign a change order that drives the price higher. Before you know it, just about EVERYTHING requires a change order just to get decent quality results.

We call this “death by change order.” It’s constant stress for you. And it makes your original quote pretty much worthless.


We Refuse To Play These Games

We promise to never use Zip Code Pricing or to put in a deceptive bid and then drive the price up on you later.

The price we give you during the consultation is not an estimate – it’s an actual price.

With us, you won’t have to worry that we low-balled the price so you would choose us, only to find out later that the true cost is much higher.


Your Next Step

Wouldn’t it be nice to get a real quote – one you could count on to be fair, accurate, and professional? You can get that for free from Jericho Home Improvements.


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