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In the world of home remodeling, few things evoke as much excitement as a bathroom remodeling project. Just the mention conjures up ideas of elegant home spas, luxurious vanities and custom showers in Lawrence, Mo. While the cornerstones of any bathroom renovation typically don’t change, each year brings exciting new trends in materials and features. Here are three of the trendiest bathroom remodeling features – consider adding them to your renovation project to provide a little creature comfort and boost your home’s resale value.

Custom Showers

Gone are the days of the shower as a functional piece of the bathroom. Today’s bathrooms feature the shower as a show piece. Particularly popular are custom showers in Lawrence, Mo. This can range from wide-open walk-in style showers, to showers incorporating multi-directional shower heads and everything in between. Also popular are curbless showers and showers that incorporate seating – both perfect for a spa-like experience or even for the disabled.

Smarter Storage

Bathrooms aren’t necessarily known for having the best cabinetry and storage options. In fact, bathroom storage is often limited to the area beneath the sink and a few drawers. This doesn’t have to be the case. Consider taking advantage of vertical space in your bathroom by incorporating wall cabinetry. It’s perfect for storing extra linens and toiletries and works well in tight spaces.

Versatile Flooring

Easy-to-clean tile has long been the standard for bathrooms, but that’s starting to change a bit. Innovations in resilient flooring have more homeowners considering more wood lookalike flooring. You don’t have to give up tile to stay on trend though: Manufacturers have created a tile that looks exactly like wood.

A bathroom renovation can be a big job but it can also be a fun and exciting one. From custom showers in Lawrence, Mo. to high-end floors, there are countless ways you can jazz up your bathroom. Use these as a starting point to creating the bathroom of your dreams.