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The most exciting part of a kitchen remodel is forming a vision for your dream kitchen and watching it slowly come to life. But that doesn’t mean that vision comes easily to every homeowner. For some Kansas City homeowners, kitchen remodeling is a matter of necessity, and the inspiration for the new space comes later. If that’s the case with you, external sources like apps could help you to find inspiration for your kitchen remodeling project. Here are a few that we recommend.


Pinterest is the app that everyone knows. You can create a pinterest board to spark inspiration for just about everything, including kitchen remodels. If you know the kind of style you like — for instance, art deco or simply minimalist, you can search “art deco kitchen” and save any images that speak to you. You can search for features such as “kitchen chandelier” or “kitchen island.” If you don’t have any ideas yet, you might simply search “kitchen remodel.” Save any images that strike your fancy and show your favorites to your Kansas City kitchen remodeling contractor.

Houzz Interior Design

Houzz is already a well-known site when it comes to finding home improvement professionals as well as searching for reviews or examples of their past work. But the Houzz app can also help you jog inspiration for your upcoming kitchen remodel. The app allows you to save pictures from actual remodels into an “ideabook.” There are even search categories based on design style. This app has the same basic features that Pinterest has in terms of allowing you to save images that strike your fancy, but also allows you to gain tips and advice from remodeling professionals.


HomesByMe uses augmented reality to allow you to design a digital space and take a 360° virtual tour of the space that you create. There are also community projects that are open to be viewed and tweaked by others. While Pinterest offers a surplus of images of beautifully designed kitchens and Houzz offers industry expertise, HomesByMe gives you the big picture so you can start to form a visual for how the kitchen will look when it’s all put together.

Need help solidifying your vision for your kitchen remodel? Share your ideas with your kitchen remodeling contractor in Kansas City. We can help to turn that vision into a reality. Contact Jericho Home Improvements today for more information or a free estimate.

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