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The color of a room can completely change the perspective of it. There’s a reason why most remodeling and home improvement projects involve at least one coat of paint and colorful furniture. But what color should you paint your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or room addition? There’s a danger in choosing colors that are too trendy only to get tired of them a few years later. But certain colors will never go out of style. The right home improvement company can help you realize your vision for the space, including the color.


Without context, grey can sound boring and dull. Never goes out of style? Was it ever in style in the first place? Well…yes. The truth is that while too much grey can feel lifeless, gray is an incredibly versatile neutral color. A light grey can look airy and modern, while a dark charcoal grey looks bold and elegant. Grey backdrops can help accentuate the pops of color in wall hangings or furniture. It’s a timeless color because it works with so many different styles in so many different ways.


There’s a reason that throughout generations, you still find so many people who say that blue is their favorite color. Blue is both emotive and soothing. It’s a cool color, so it’s perfect for a room that you want to have a sleek, clean appearance. A deeper blue, like navy or cobalt, can add a sense of luxury to a space or make the room feel cozier. Light blue, on the other hand, can almost pass as a neutral, fading into the background and allowing your decor to shine.

Brown and Beige

This is another shade that lasts as long as it does because of its versatility. Brown is a neutral color, especially light shades of brown like tan or beige. It doesn’t attract much attention, so the rest of the room is able to stand out, but it pulls everything together. Brown shades tend to feel earthier and add warmth to the space, as well. This is why hardwood floors are still so homey. Brown is a color typically used in conjunction with other colors rather than on its own. However, you’re not likely to see brown disappear any time soon.

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