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If you’re one of those people who can’t help but reorganize all your furniture a few times a year, it might be time to consider some significant renovation work. Even if you just want to tinker with one or two rooms, remodeling contractors in Kansas City can help you make some exciting alterations in your home. Here are three small changes you can invest in that will make you enjoy your home even more than you already do.

1. Clever Storage Places

Whether it’s in the kitchen, living room or garage, you can always use more storage space. Instead of just cornering off an area for more shelves, think about having deeper drawers or large cabinets installed. Your home improvement in Kansas City can expose and address areas in your kitchen or bathroom where space is being used inefficiently.

2. New Sinks and Faucets

Remodeling contractors in Kansas City can drastically improve a room with a fairly simple fix. Shallow kitchen sinks lead to lots of dirty dishes piling up on countertops, making it feel like your kitchen is smaller than it really is. By getting a new sink with a second basin and an extendable faucet, that section of the room will immediately feel more accessible.

3. Useful Surfaces

Homeowners often have to choose between something that looks nice and something that serves a purpose. If you choose the right material for your countertops, you can probably have both. Tiles are excellent in the kitchen and bathroom, and installing a ceramic surface in any room could be a great addition to your home. This is a crafty way to accent a room without going over the top. 

When you decide it’s time for a change in your house, ask some remodeling contractors in Kansas City about these improvements. A few small and clever renovations might be enough to give your home a whole new feel.