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Is it time to trade out your old appliance and dull cabinets for something refreshing? Before you begin searching for a kitchen remodeler in Richmond, MO, check out these kitchen trends that will make your space as beautiful as it is functional.

Stick to a White Design

When surveyed, 67 percent of National Kitchen and Bath members named white as their top color choice for a kitchen—and not just the cabinets, either. White walls, backsplashes and even floors are part of the trend. White designs are perfect if you have a small kitchen with too few windows. The brightness will help the natural light the room does get to reflect and make the space look larger.

Use Neutral Colors

Maybe white isn’t your thing — sticky toddler hands come to mind. If you do decide to add color, talk to your kitchen remodeling in Richmond MO, about sticking to sleek shades of gray or even black. They are easier to keep clean but still neutral enough that your home won’t look outdated within a couple of years. Even better, the neutral shades will make it easier for prospective buyers to see themselves in the home if you decide to sell.

Install LED Lighting

LED lighting is gaining popularity for many reasons. Their versatility allows for installation in ceilings, along backsplashes and even under toe stops or in cabinets for added light during a midnight snack run. You can get creative with color, too, because LED lights are available in a rainbow. Finally, these lights are highly energy-efficient. On average, they will last 50,000 hours; a CFL bulb only lasts about 10,000 hours.

When choosing your kitchen remodeler in Richmond, MO, be sure to research the kitchen remodeling companies you are interested in. A reputable business will have a license and be insured to work on your home. Jericho Home Improvement is one such example.