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It’s one challenge to design a bathroom that suits your own tastes and preferences, for your daily use. It’s quite another to design a bathroom that simultaneously suits the theme of your home while being open to the preferences of any potential guests. Much like designing a guest bedroom, designing a guest bathroom can be tricky. Your remodeling contractors can help you develop and execute a vision. Here are a few tips for designing a guest bathroom:

Stay Neutral

Guest bathrooms aren’t designed with one particular person in mind. Your guest might be an in-law or an old friend who’s come into town or a child’s friend spending the night. All of these people could have wildly different design preferences, so the best thing you can do is stick to neutral colors and elements. Neutral colors, smooth lines, and a vanity that draws the eye are all safe design choices that should suit most guests. 

Lots of Light

If there’s one thing most people can agree on, it’s that well-lit rooms are better than dimly lit rooms. Dimly lit rooms can be depressing and disorienting. A good window in the guest bathroom will flood it with natural sunlight, and a lighter color palette will help to accentuate the light in the room. Make sure to choose lighting fixtures that truly highlight the room, and look nice and clean as they do so.

Add Some Plants

Staying neutral doesn’t mean the room has to be lifeless. Just the opposite, in fact. If you don’t accessorize a neutral bathroom, it will look dull. Adding plants that do well with the amount of natural sunlight in the room and moisture in the air will literally breathe life into the space. Succulents are a popular choice for bathroom potted plants. You can place these on the vanity, the windowsill, or both.Need help making your guest bathroom designs come to life? Contact Jericho Home Improvements today for more information or a free estimate.

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