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It’s easy enough to come up with a vision for your bathroom. You know your own preferences and needs that would go into a bathroom remodel. But it’s a different matter when you approach guest bathroom remodeling in Kansas City. When it comes to a guest bathroom, you have to create a space that’s comfortable and accessible for any guests who might use it. Guest bathrooms are also often smaller, which can present a unique issue in and of itself.

Save Costs With Economy Fixtures

The good thing about guest bathrooms is that they’ll only be used occasionally, and will probably go through longer periods of inactivity than they will activity. That means you can save money by choosing economy fixtures for your sink, toilet, tub, etc. You won’t need the most durable, most efficient, and most expensive features unless you really want to go above and beyond to wow your guests. Chances are the features in the guest bathroom will last longer, simply because they’ll be used less.

Stick to Light or Neutral Colors

While you’ll want your guest bathroom to fit with the rest of the design of your home, you also want it to appeal to any guests that might use it, so you can’t be too specific when it comes to the design. That’s why it’s a good idea to stick to light or neutral colors for the design. Lighter colors will help keep the room well lit, which is important in any space and sure to make a good impression on your guests.

Don’t Rush

This is an extra bathroom and not a necessity for your home. You can easily avoid it during the bathroom remodeling project and experience minimum disruption in your daily life. This also means that you can take your time with the bathroom remodel. If you want to put off scheduling the remodel until a later time of year when you can save money or have more freedom of scheduling, there’s no pressure to do otherwise. If you want to make some final tweaks on it before you open it up to guests, you’re more than welcome to do that.Need help with your guest bathroom remodel in Kansas City? Contact Jericho Home Improvements today for more information or a free estimate.

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