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The 3 Best Ways To Maintain Your Results
From Kitchen Remodeling In
Lee’s Summit, MO

Keep Kitchen Looking
Fresh For Years

As soon as you start to consider kitchen remodeling in Lee’s Summit, MO, you should also think about how to maintain your new kitchen. 

Kitchen remodeling is an investment in your home. A gorgeous new kitchen is an incredible space to cook, gather, and entertain. Of course, you want to keep your freshly remodeled kitchen looking new. 

Here at Jericho Home Improvements, we take pride in building relationships with our customers in the Kansas City Metro. We care about your project and want you to LOVE your new kitchen – not just when we’re done but for years to come. 

Here are the three best ways to keep your newly remodeled kitchen looking amazing. ​

1) Stay Organized So Your Lee’s Summit, MO
Kitchen Remodeling Results Last For Years

The number one way you can make your kitchen remodeling results even more worth it? 

Keep track of everything. 

From the materials for your gorgeous new cabinets to your refrigerator warranty, keep track of what happened during your kitchen remodel. 

Kitchen remodeling involves a lot of information. We’ll work with you to come up with a plan for the perfect remodel, but everything involved can be a lot to remember. Always feel free to ask your remodeler for a refresher or a summary. 

Register New Appliances

If you installed any new appliances during your kitchen remodel, the first thing you should do is get them registered. 

Registering new appliances ensures you get to take advantage of any warranty program. If your new stove breaks down, you don’t want to have to shell out for a new one because you lost the warranty in the hustle and bustle – even though that’s understandable. 

Most companies don’t absolutely require a product registration for warranty rights as long as you have proof of purchase. However, it’s always a great way to speed things along if something does happen. 

On top of that? If any appliance in your kitchen gets recalled, you’ll know. Hopefully, that will never happen, but just in case, it’s definitely worth it. 

Understand Warranties

During kitchen remodeling, we install all sorts of elements – cabinets, countertops, and flooring. 

One of the most important ways to maintain a kitchen remodel is by replacing anything that breaks. Kitchens get a lot of use, and sometimes things wear out. Know what your warranties offer ahead of time. 

We only work with the highest-quality products during a kitchen remodel or refinish. However, products from different manufacturers have different warranties. 

On top of that, every contractor has a different policy about workmanship warranties. 

At the end of your project, make sure you know the warranty policies for everything that was installed. It will save you a headache later on if you need something replaced. 

Keep Track Of Materials

Installed gorgeous granite countertops? Do you have some new cabinets? Maybe you had a complete kitchen remodel from the ground up. 

No matter the scale of your remodel, keep track of the materials your contractor uses. 

If you know what materials are in your kitchen, you’ll be able to learn how to maintain those materials so they last. 

2) Learn How To Clean The Materials Used For Your
Lee’s Summit, MO Kitchen Remodeling Project

If you’ve installed a stunning new kitchen, the last thing you want to do is ruin your countertops or cabinets while trying to clean them. 

Take some time to learn how to clean and maintain each component of your new kitchen. 

You might need to find the safest cleaners for granite countertops or for your new flooring. Maybe you want to know how to polish your shiny new stove. 

Regardless of the material, keeping your kitchen surfaces clean is key. If you clean your kitchen regularly, there will be less chance of scratches and stains. 

If you keep track of the materials used in your remodel, it will be a breeze to find the best maintenance techniques. ​

3) Keep Adding Your Personal Style When Your Lee’s
Summit, MO Kitchen Remodeling Is Done

We think the most fun part of any kitchen remodeling project is incorporating YOU. That’s why we learn your style and needs from the get-go. 

After that, you can keep adding touches of your personality to the kitchen. Those personal touches are what make a newly remodeled kitchen shine. 

Over the years, think about updating decor to match your style and the rest of your home. Keep your kitchen fun and fresh with those little touches. It will make a difference. 

Our designers will learn exactly what you’re looking for so your kitchen matches your aesthetic – and you can take it from there. When you’re ready to start kitchen remodeling in Lee’s Summit, MO, contact us for a free professional design consultation

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