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Kansas City homeowners who are considering a kitchen remodeling project often stop themselves from moving forward for the wrong reasons.

Or they DO decide to go ahead with a kitchen remodel, but end up disappointed with the kitchen remodeling company they choose.

Here are 4 common kitchen remodeling myths. Avoid them and you can enjoy your project and its results.

Myth #1: It’s Too Expensive/I Can’t Afford It

It is true that remodeling your kitchen is a significant investment. But to make a blanket statement about it being “too expensive” or unaffordable is not accurate.

For one thing, a kitchen remodel is going to have a significantly positive impact on the value of your home. So anytime you weigh the cost of a kitchen remodel, always remember, it is not just “money out the window,” but a real investment in your home.

Another crucial thing to remember is that there are many ways to get affordable payment plans. There’s no reason not to explore affordable financing and get started on your kitchen remodeling project right now.

Finally, there is an option called Kitchen Refinishing that costs about 1/3 of a full kitchen remodel. For some homeowners this is not the right choice, but for many it can be. To discover more about Kitchen Refinishing, click here.

Myth #2: Hiring A Designer Is A Waste Of Money

Some Kansas City kitchen remodelers will tell you that professional design is not necessary. But that’s a terrible way to start your project. Trying to do a remodel without a professional design means you are flying blind without a proper plan.

If there is no set agreed upon design, there’s absolutely no way to know if your contractor’s vision of the remodel matches what you really want.

So, it’s absolutely essential that you get a truly professional design using state of the art software. Don’t put up with vague sketches – get a real design before you begin!

For a free design consultation for your kitchen remodel, Contact Us.

Myth #3 My Kitchen Is Too Small To Remodel

This myth is wrong in so many ways! For one thing, one of the reasons to remodel, is to make it bigger. It’s certainly not uncommon today to expand the footprint of your kitchen by knocking down walls.

One of the most popular ways to do that is to make the kitchen and dining area one big space, but of course there are many more options.

But maybe you don’t want to knock down a wall. You still can remodel your kitchen and find ways to create more space by changing the layout, or getting space saving appliances, or any number of other changes that can make your kitchen feel roomier.

Don’t let anyone tell you not to remodel your kitchen because it is toosmall!

Myth #4 Always Go With The Lowest Price

We have a natural tendency as consumers to choose the lowest price.

That usually makes great sense. If you see the same TV at two different stores, you pick it up at the store with the lowest price.

But of course, with kitchen remodeling, you are not necessarily getting the same thing from different remodelers. In fact, there can be a HUGE quality gap between different Kansas City kitchen remodeling companies.

This matters because if you compare only on price, you aren’t considering the final results and how they will affect the overall value of your home. Not only that, but poor results will leave you disappointed every time you walk into your kitchen.

There’s also the very real concern that low bid projects will have poor craftsmanship issues that will be costly to fix down the line.

So, if you are comparing contractors, look at more than just price.

Here are some of the things to ask:

  • Do they use sub-contractors or do they employ their own Master Installers? (Avoid sub-contractors!).
  • Do they have lots of references?
  • Are they A+ Rated with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Do they have a national reputation as a top remodeler?

Those are 4 big myths associated with kitchen remodeling, but you probably have other questions and concerns, too. We encourage you to reach out to us and ask us anything. Contact Us.

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