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What Are The Five Advantages of A Custom Spa

Perhaps you have always been the type of person who enjoyed the luxury of a spa getaway or retreat, but you have yet to create a custom spa experience in your home.  Why not add a custom spa shower to your home and create your own relaxation at home when you can just walk a few feet to reach serenity.  Calming water, rainwater jets overhead, pressure from all angles, and a relaxing river rock underneath your feet.  Jericho Home Improvements can build and install your custom spa shower for you, so let’s look at a few more advantages to adding a spa shower to your home.

Here Are The Five Advantages to Adding A Spa Shower To Your Home


Think about being able to set your own water temperature with electronic controls and even adjusting the flow of water within your spa shower and having the ability to infuse lighting, sound, and even the warmth of pure steam to calm your muscles. There are even shower jets that can change the pattern of water spray and showerheads that can pivot. You have control of what you would like in your custom spa shower and a great bathroom contractor can ensure that it is exactly what you are looking for.

More Space

The ability to move freely within your shower is such a wonderful feeling. There are many options for customization of recessed spaces and expanding your showering space across an entire wall of your bathroom. No longer will you have to engage in the frustration of a tiny shower space with just enough room to turn around. You also can install a clear glass door to make the entire experience feel even larger.

Shower Towers

Luxury at its highest level! Shower towers are an incredible way to make this spa experience even more unique with body sprays and can combine many valves and water jets on several angles. They can be quite invigorating with steam access, gentle rain showers, and multiple settings, including steam shower options!

Higher Resale Value

If you ever plan on selling your home, a custom spa shower is a huge selling point. You will be adding value to your home and while some buyers expect this, most will be incredibly excited that they will be purchasing a home that has such a high level of customization and details. This shows real pride in ownership.

It’s Your Sanctuary

Because you are the one who has imagined it and made the decisions on how to customize it, you are now living with your own custom spa shower. It was made especially for you, personalized with all of the special and unique features you have wanted for so many years. You can relax in a special space knowing that you have created this for yourself—that is pure relaxation.

What relaxes you, and what makes you feel luxurious?  Those are feelings that are unique to you, and this custom spa shower should reflect that.  The creation of a space meant for slowing down, enjoying the environment, having room to move around, and just having those special few moments at the end of a long day can make a difference in your well-being. 

Jericho Home Improvements creates customer spa showers that are designed to your preferences and will have all of the unique features you can indulge in.  Because Jericho is so focused on quality and luxury, they have created a professional design team to help you to create exactly what you are looking for.

Are you ready to customize the spa shower of your dreams?   If you’re in or around the Kansas City, KS area, please contact us and we will be there to answer all of your questions about customization of your spa shower and also discuss any options that we have at Jericho. 

You may also take a look at our beautiful gallery filled with gorgeous examples of our custom work and take the time to jot down some of the amazing ideas you have that Jericho can help make a reality!