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Your dream bathroom may be inspired by a picture you have seen in a magazine or on the internet. You may have recently visited a friend who has remodeled their bathroom. Well, it’s time for your bathroom to be the inspiration for all your friends. Get inspired for your bathroom remodels in Kansas City with these 5 cool trends. At Jericho Home Improvements, we have a gallery of images that include some of the latest trends to inspire you.


Lighting is a trend that homeowners are using in many ways today. Creative lighting techniques are being used to give their bathroom remodels in Kansas City a relaxing and luxurious feeling. It depends on the size of your bathroom as to what kind of lighting you will add. A small bathroom will be taken to a whole new level by adding streamlined lighting to your mirrors above your vanity. If you have a larger, more spacious bathroom, you might even want the addition of a chandelier. Chandeliers catch other lights and reflect it to make an awesome light display. Another trend that is very popular is to put your bathroom lights on a dimmer. So if you are soaking in the tub you can relax in a low-light setting, but you’re also able to add all the light you need for that early morning shave.


Floors that are easy to clean and waterproof are a must for a bathroom remodel. One of the coolest trends in bathrooms today is faux wood floors. This is a smart way to give bathroom remodels in Kansas City that more natural feel without having to worry about water damage. Faux wood floors are very popular for log homes and as popular for contemporary townhomes. Tile is still a favorite for floors, and the newest trend is geometric tiles in bold colors that brighten and add dimension to even the smallest bathroom remodel.

High-Tech Bathroom Features

Almost everything in your bathroom comes in a high-tech option, even your faucets. Faucets of today can turn on and off with just a touch. The temperature of water and the flow can be programmed into your faucet. There is even a faucet that has face recognition to adjust the water to your personal preference! Another high-tech trend is bathroom cabinets that keep your medicines cool or your drinks cold for that long soak in the tub. Of course, you can also watch TV while sipping your drink. You might even want to bring warmth to your bathroom by adding a fireplace; another popular trend for bathrooms. 

Stunning Showers

There are many popular trends, but one of the most popular is stunning showers. You can add a complete wet room that includes a free-standing tub to soak in to give your bathroom that spa-like feeling. A custom-built shower has all of the features that will make your shower a one-of-a-kind experience. Whether you prefer to hear music while you shower, or if multiple rain shower heads are what you want for your dream shower, the options are endless. You might even want to have transom windows installed close to the ceiling in your shower to give it natural light. 

Water Savers

The last trend to think about is water-saving features. You can have a toilet, shower, and faucet for your sink that is water-saving. In this day of ‘going green,’ water saving is a trend that will most likely become a permanent feature in most bathrooms of the future.

When you are ready to make your bathroom the coolest bathroom remodel, Jericho Home Improvements can add any of the latest bathroom features to your remodel that you desire. Our goal is to help create the bathroom that you really want. So, if you want to remodel only part of your bathroom and add a few new trends we can do that. If you want a complete bathroom remodel with several new features, then that is what we will do. It is your choice. So call us today to get started with a free consultation.