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5 Benefits Of A Shower-To-Tub Conversion
During Your Bathroom Remodeling
Project In Blue Springs, MO

Transform Your Bathroom
With An Elegant Tub

A shower-to-tub conversion elevates your space during bathroom remodeling in Blue Springs, MO

Sometimes, a bathtub is just the more practical choice for you and your family. Whether you need to bathe children or want to relax in a spa-like whirlpool, a shower-to-tub conversion is the best way to work a bathtub into your existing floor plan. 

As one of the top kitchen and bath remodelers nationwide, our team at Jericho Home Improvements specializes in creative bathroom remodeling solutions for the Kansas City Metro. We’re excited to help you consider whether a tub-to-shower conversion is right for your home. 

Consider A Practical Shower-To-Tub Conversion During
Bathroom Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO

Shower-to-tub conversion can be a fantastic way to renovate your bathroom

Maybe converting a shower to a tub is all your bathroom needs to feel perfect. Or perhaps the conversion is part of a larger remodel. 

Either way, a shower-to-tub conversion is an affordable way to install a bathtub. Our team can install a bathtub right into the existing shower footprint. Plus, there’s no need to change much plumbing, if any at all. 

So, is switching to a bathtub right for you and your family? Consider these five benefits of a shower-to-tub conversion. 

1: Convert Your Bathroom Into A Spa-Like Experience

One reason many homeowners convert a shower to a bathtub is to make the bathroom feel more luxurious. 

There’s nothing better than soaking in an elegant bathtub. We offer spa-like tubs, including those with whirlpool features. Plus, bathtubs are highly customizable, so you can install a tub that looks and feels right for the space. 

If you want to de-stress with a relaxing bath, a shower-to-tub conversion is a no-brainer. Additionally, soaking in the tub is fantastic for relieving muscle and joint pain. 

2: Increase Accessibility

Oftentimes, existing showers just don’t work for changing mobility needs. 

If you or someone in your household needs an accessible way to bathe, a shower-to-tub conversion is a fantastic option. We install walk-in tubs that are perfect for those with changing mobility needs. 

Easy-access bathtubs reduce the chance of slipping in the shower. They’re easy to get in and out of and make bathing more practical overall. 

A shower-to-tub conversion can be all it takes to maintain independence in bathing. 

3: Add Value To Your Home

Converting a shower to a bathtub is an investment in your home. 

If you’ve got a shower that is starting to show some signs of wear, converting to a tub is an upgrade that adds value to your home. In general, a home that has at least one bathtub has a better resale value. 

We only use the highest quality materials. Our bathtubs are tried-and-true, so you can have peace of mind that you’re getting the best products that will actually last. 

Switching to a bathtub might be a great selling point down the road. In the meantime, you can enjoy a dazzling new tub. 

4: Make Your Bathroom Practical For The Whole Family

Remodeling a bathroom for the whole family? 

There’s nothing worse than trying to bathe a small child in the shower. Soap in the eyes and a slippery child are not a good combination. 

Converting to a bathtub makes getting clean a stress-free experience for the whole family. Add some bubbles and some bath toys, and say goodbye to screaming children at bathtime. 

5: Lean Into Your Personal Style

Is your current shower just not sitting right with your personal style? 

Whether you’re looking for something modern or something classic, we can help you find a bathtub just right for your bathroom. 

Installing a tub will give your bathroom a whole new look. We install gorgeous tubs that add style to your bathroom. 

Work With The Experts For A Shower-To-Tub Conversion
During Bathroom Remodeling In Blue Springs, MO

When you’re considering a shower-to-tub conversion during bathroom remodeling in the Kansas City Area, trust the experts. 

Our team has helped hundreds of homeowners convert their showers to tubs. Using shower space for a tub leads to a few more considerations about size and technique. Our Master Installers will get all the details right so your new tub looks brand new for years. 

Not sure if a shower-to-tub conversion is right for you? Our experienced designers can help. Contact us for a free professional design consultation today.

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