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Don’t Let The Design Phase Get You Stressed – The Basics Always Lay A Path

Are you a homeowner approaching kitchen renovation Kansas City for the first time and need some great ideas to help you start putting your thoughts in order? We got you covered!

We’re Jericho Home Improvement, a long-standing, award-winning interior remodeling company here in the Kansas City area specializing in bathrooms and kitchens. After thousands of successful projects, we’re here to share some perspective.


#1) A Functional Clash Between Classic & Modern

When we use the word clash, it’s for a wonderfully inviting context. Classic kitchens are among the most popular style across the world, and there’s a reason – each cultural definition of classic is unique.

To blend the particulars of conventional kitchen renovation in Kansas City with something more contemporary, here’s a few tips in our own words.

  • Use Color as the Touchoff Point: Color is one of the most transformative elements in interior design, and a foundational place to start your kitchen renovation in Kansas City. When in doubt, talk with a kitchen remodeling specialist who understands the core colors of the vast majority of kitchens and how they’re worked into a distinct and unique setting.
  • Use Small Details to Bring Big Parts Together: Handles, knobs, appliances, lighting fixtures, storage fixtures, etc. These small details can actually help you narrow the field and bring a lot of ideas together in harmony. For example, the colors of your handles can help determine the style and colors of cabinets; fixtures influence lighting, and so on.
  • Consider the Weight of Countertops: These can be one of the bigger investments involved in your kitchen renovation in Kansas City. On the other hand, they can have a huge impact on the overall look as well – stainless steel, marble, polished wood, quartz, and granite are arguably the most popular options you’ll see in modern homes today.
  • Lighting Changes, Change Everything: Along with color, lighting is one of the first parts of any space we notice. And it either works or not. Most ‘stock’ kitchen lighting is about brightness rather than being deliberate and accentuating natural light throughout the day. New lighting, or at least enhanced lighting, should be in your new layout.

Sure, we could go on and on, after thousands of successful interior remodeling projects we should write a book! Instead, let’s just switch gears and head to the polar opposite side of the spectrum in many respects…the ultra-modern.

#2) Going Full-On Jetsons Mode: High-Tech Kitchen Remodel

As we’re into the 2020s, at least here in our area of the country we’re seeing an increase in kitchen renovation in Kansas City that involves high-tech accoutrements.

Most of this technology could be considered accessories rather than fundamentals of your kitchen. Like, the lighting isn’t high-tech, but lighting control. The stove and refrigerator aren’t all that high-tech, but the level of control they give you these days over food and food prep is astounding.

Here are three other examples.

  • Motorized Cabinetry: Sounds crazy complex, although it’s not. Most kitchens don’t need this kind of thing, but adding motorized elements is sure to impress.
  • Kitchen Control with an App: Such a handy technology, if it’s something you’ll find useful and functional. These days you can control most things through your phone.
  • Smart Appliances: Speaking of phone control, imagine being able to check the dates on leftovers or control the crock pot while you’re away on a day trip?

In terms of design, if this is the direction you want to head with your kitchen renovation Kansas City, think of technology as a way to accentuate; boost performance, automate, and personalize kitchen control.

Want some super-savvy interior design lingo from Best Design Ideas to couple with our basics?

Coming right up!

Classical high-tech [kitchen styles] use simple geometrical forms, clear lines, and monochrome colors without the use of décor and pictures. Dominating colors are gray, black, white, silver, luminescent and metallic.”

Sounds empty right? They can be, that’s for sure. But for some, that’s exactly how they like it. Clean. Crisp. Extraordinary. .

#3) Start with a Basic Full-Remodel Framework

What if you have a nice spacious kitchen you never use? What if you’re the type of person/family who really doesn’t spend much time in the kitchen… but it needs to be redone and reimagined anyway?

How would you know what to do with a kitchen?

This is often the case when homeowners are planning on selling the home within the next year or two and want to invest remodeling dollars into the kitchen because they believe it needs to be done.

Should that indeed be the case, here’s what a typical full kitchen remodel framework looks like when you work with Jericho Home Improvement.

  • You get a fresh new kitchen layout to fit the needs and desires of likely buyers.
  • We design and install custom kitchen cabinetry that can come in a wide variety of gorgeous woods and finishes.
  • Yes, of course we install custom islands.
  • You have the option of granite, quartz, or marble countertops.
  • We’re going to address the flooring with either tile, hardwood or laminate.
  • Tons of accessories, including plumbing options, like elegant faucets, pot fillers, prep sinks, hot water dispensers, and lots of other amenities.
  • New lighting – under-cabinet, over-cabinet and interior options and customizations galore.

Consider this framework the putty with which to mold a new kitchen. Everything you would need to consider is within it, and touches on all the small details along the way. 

#4) The All-Natural Look – A Rustic’s Return to Flavor

After doing some research, you’ll find that for some reason ‘Southwestern Style’ kitchens are the least popular style in many areas, well, outside the southwest. But in our opinion, it’s also a semantics issue.

80% of the kitchens out there that someone might think looks southwestern, are actually just rustic.

Signature hallmarks of the rustic kitchen:

  • Natural Materials – exposed wood beams,stone countertops, rustic accents, etc.
  • A neutral color palette for fabrics and any painting.
  • Worn, weathered, or shabby-chic elements or styling. An example would be weathered or aged wood paneling.
  • Wood flooring, maybe even some shiplap-style ceiling options and a stone backsplash.

They’re popular in the Kansas City area believe it or not. Rustic with mid-western flavor.

#5) The Islander’s Focus – Building around the Focal Point

To cap this article off, we have to mention the stalwart and dependable approach of making a new and improved island the focal point, and branching out from there.

Design the island layout first, and there are so many questions you can begin asking to start getting it etched out.

  • How big will it be?
  • Any connecting or movable parts?
  • How much space will need to be around and above it?
  • How much storage needs to be designed into it?
  • What kind of lighting will be shining down upon it?

Arguably the most important question of all is, how do you intend on using the island?

If you’re going to be cooking, then the island could have all sorts of accessories built into it to help with this. On the other hand, if your island will be more of a meal prep area, then that’s a completely different story. Then of course you have islands geared towards eating and entertaining that need ample surface area with room for seating.

Frankly speaking, designing and installing islands are one of our most favorite parts of the process. Thanks for your time, and be sure to contact us if you happen to be in the Kansas City area.

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