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The kitchen has long been referred to as the “heart of the home.” This is especially true if you have a family that you spend your days with in your kitchen. Your kitchen should be a place that draws your family together and should be filled with memories of laughter and warmth. If your kitchen just isn’t the family-friendly space that you hoped for, it’s time for some kitchen remodeling in Kansas City.

Easy to Clean

When considering a kitchen remodel, the priority of many homeowners will most certainly be easy cleanup; especially when you are talking about families with kids. Besides, who wants to spend all of their time cleaning in a kitchen that was created for enjoyment and togetherness? Marble or quartz countertops and tile backsplashes and flooring are all easy to wipe down making them great choices for your family kitchen.


Pantries, especially walk-in pantries, are a wonderful addition to any family kitchen. They make for easy and quick access to all of your most-used items. A well-organized pantry can make family time simple and leisurely so you can focus on being together. Cooking is a breeze when all of the ingredients are easy to find and right there at your fingertips. Pantries with storage baskets and bins are great for kids’ grab-and-go snacks, too.


The kitchen island is the one element that really pulls a family kitchen all together and the one item that no family kitchen is complete without. An island provides a family workspace where many people can cook and converse together at once. Islands can be equipped with a cooktop or sink or can be entirely made of butcher block for cutting up vegetables and fruits on.

Snack Bar

Bars can be placed either on one side of an island or completely off by themselves and still be very functional. A bar is a place where kids can sit and visit while you cook. A bar is a place to do homework or help out with cooking. Bars are so versatile for families because they give your family a place to sit that’s out of the way while you cook or clean.

Office Space

Kitchens are often very multi-functional spaces. Many activities originate and take place in the kitchen. Because of this, it’s smart to provide many specific areas within your kitchen for the various activities that will go on there. A dedicated office space, even if it’s a cubby that hides away when not in use, can allow you and your family to accomplish tasks such as paying bills, checking emails on your computer, and finishing up homework all in this one space. This will nurture family togetherness and unity. It will also allow you to make the best use of your time while you are in the kitchen.

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