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Get great information from a powerhouse home improvement company in the area who knows their stuff.

Hi there, in this article we’re going to briefly go through five tips that we think will definitely help you as you tackle that wonderful animal we call home improvement.

None of these tips are outlandish or extraordinary in any way. They’re basics. But to be honest, the genuine honest-to-goodness basics are something a ton of people are lacking when they start down this road.


Tip #1) Decide on the Type of Bathroom You Want First!

Of all the parts of this process that can and most likely WILL change…the specific type of bathroom you’re going for isn’t likely one of them. Hence, why the decision is a great starting point if this is your first bathroom renovation Kansas City rodeo.

And how many bathroom styles are there to choose from?

Well, a fair amount actually, especially since we’re talking about primary large bathrooms rather than smaller washrooms where you don’t typically spend as much time.

To start narrowing the field, let’s look at the top 5 most popular bathroom types from Home Stratosphere’s research. They analyzed over one million bathroom designs and rated them by popularity.

  • Contemporary came in 1st at 29.51%: They classified these as having more open spaces, straight lines, and less clutter with an “…emphasis on the beauty and quality of the materials used throughout the setting.”
  • Traditional was 2nd with 26.97%: Think classic. Conservative colors. Conservative usage of glass without anything being too extravagant, or in other words, “Typically neutral in tone, traditional bathrooms are comfortable, relaxing, and inviting.
  • Transitional at 3rd with 15.51%: Homeowners attempt to blend them, the classic and contemporary approaches to bathroom renovation Kansas City. “Unique details such as patterned floors, dark-finished metals, and artisan door handles will all find a place…
  • Modern came in 4th at 12.43%: Often interpreted through boldness – elegant high-contrast designs reinforced with strong coloring and strong lines. “Crisp, clean, sparse, and minimally appointed.
  • Eclectic weighs in 5th at 2.32%: We sort of interpret this to mean heavily-customized and/or personalized bathroom design.

While it’s easy to see why Contemporary and Traditional would take up the lion’s share, why are custom ‘eclectic’ designs so low in popularity?

In our professional opinion, after having gone through years and years of successful bathroom remodeling projects…because there’s just too much that can go wrong and change. Furthermore, the initial design phases of custom projects are so wide open it can get insanely overwhelming in a hurry.

Consider starting with something a bit more on the conservative side, and then adding customization along the way: accessories, high-tech gadgetry, art and aesthetics, etc.

Tip #2) Get Advice from Local Bathroom Renovation Specialists

Unless you happen to live way out in the so-called boonies, there should be local bathroom renovation specialists you can chat with.

Here in Kansas City & surrounding areas, a good percentage of homeowners give us a call – Jericho Home Improvement. We’re happy to talk over the basics, answer basic questions, and address initial concerns.

Don’t be afraid to reach out and get all the professional advice you can. Not just from the top dogs, but anyone with talent and experience who will give you some time.

Just be sure you’re actually talking to a specialist.

The last thing you need is to have yourself thrown for a loop by a crafty sales person or someone trying to get you to spend money rather than get the best bathroom to suit your situation. For reference, when people contact us for help they know we walk the walk.

  • Remodeling Magazine’s ‘Big 50’ Award Winner
  • Consistently Ranked in top 25 of Remodeling Mags Top 550 Remodelers Nationwide
  • President’s Award Winner for Showplace
  • Consistently Ranked in Qualified Remodelers Top 50 Contractors List Annually
  • Featured In The Media For Our Excellence
  • Professional Associations And Certifications

Tip #3) Budget in a Budgeting Professional (for the Inexperienced)

What do you suppose is one of the absolute tippy-top reasons interior remodeling projects get put on hold?

Budgeting issues.

  1. The initial conservative budget or quote didn’t come close to hitting a realistic mark. On the flip side, without a professional inspection beforehand, unexpected expenses can come up once you start getting into the nitty gritty – removing the bathtub, looking under old tile, etc.
  2. The money you thought you had, well, you didn’t. Or, ‘this or that’ happened outside the bathroom remodeling project which took up needed funds.

Our consultants are experts, yes, but not accountants. And sure, we can provide a ton of assistance when it comes to budgeting for bathroom renovation Kansas City. This is our stomping grounds, but we can’t help with your family’s overall budget.

We can help you put numbers to:

  • Material comparisons.
  • The cost of labor.
  • Timeframes.
  • The line-by-line cost of larger additions.
  • The costs of moving substantial components like plumbing/electricity.
  • The comparable costs of accessories.

Like many other home remodeling companies, we provide professional quotes for free to our local Kansas City homeowners, but they aren’t blueprints for how to budget for the costs – which are typically substantial!

Again, if you can afford their help and happen to live in a decent-sized city with access to financial professionals – use them! A serious bathroom remodeling project is an investment into an important asset, not some small undertaking.

Tip #4) Put Special Attention on Lighting, Storage & Ventilation

Having trouble in the design phase, despite narrowing down the type of bathroom you’re going for? Trying to get as much laid out as possible before contacting a professional company to help with your local bathroom renovation Kansas City?

Completely understandable.

To help start putting things together in a structural sense, look at the functional natures of how your new lighting will work, where the storage will be, and what impacts your remodel will have on ventilation.

Approaching through these three pillars is like approaching a large puzzle by figuring out where the corner pieces go. At first they don’t seem substantial, but they actually tie most everything else together.

  • Lighting: Wherever possible, it’s important to harness and maximize the natural light in your bathroom. If there is none, consider creating some. Otherwise, general bathroom lighting should be soft not institutional. No one likes how they look under bright school hallway-type lights. Fixtures should be placed strategically, and they can really help bring the aesthetics of the space together. Light is everything to art.
  • Storage: Yes, be creative, but functional. There are a zillion ways to create storage in a space, but 80% likely to be appropriate for your particular bathroom. First and foremost, the hand towels and needed storage for sink-area stuff, should be by the sink. The towels shouldn’t be on the other side of the bathroom, or in a closet down the hall.
  • Ventilation: Whenever a bathroom changes, it impacts ventilation and this is serious because the last thing you want is excess moisture buildup. This is where mold, mildew and other bathroom issues come from. Again, work with specialists who understand the many technical ins and outs. Simply reading a few blogs isn’t going to cut it.

See how these three components actually bring you to every aspect of the bathroom? Lighting impacts each part of the bathroom – sink, shower/bathtub, fixtures and main lighting, etc. Storage impacts where everything is placed. Ventilation addresses any major changes to the bathtub, shower, and sink.

Speaking of which, this leads us to the last tip.

Tip #5) Don’t Go Overboard on the Bathtub and/or Shower

What we mean here is, often the realities of large or statement-making bathtubs or showers are great looking but not what people are after.

  • Consider the maintenance.
  • Consider the size vs. usage.
  • Consider the state of the house itself. If you live in a really old home that’s had the same bathroom for a century, is it ready for a brand new walk-in shower?
  • Consider the costs vs. usage.

For those who are remodeling the bathroom as a step towards getting the property sold, be sure you aren’t having a company like ours install a bathroom no one will want. One example here would be a large bathtub in a home in a largely elderly or senior-friendly neighborhood. This demographic doesn’t want a big traditional bathtub.

Wrapping Up – Are You in the Kansas City Area?

We truly hope this article is of use to you. There’s so many more tips, we’ll definitely publish ongoing content like this to try and cover more as time goes by.

If you happen to be a homeowner in the Kansas City area, you could act on Tip #2 right now and contact us. Our friendly-local staff are happy to help. You can also fill out our simple form and Get Your Free Quote today. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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