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Bathrooms can be a definite danger area in the home. Water combined with slippery surfaces can lead to accidents – sometimes even a catastrophic injury.

Bathrooms tend to be smaller areas, too, with little room to maneuver, which can add to the safety risks.

So it’s not surprising that when Kansas City homeowners remodel a bathroom, often one of the top goals is to make it more accessible and safer.

The good news is there a lot of solutions to making your bathroom ‘easy-access.’ And as accessible bathrooms have become more popular, the selection and quality of safer bathroom products has greatly increased over the last 10 years.

For more information about updating your bathroom to make it safer, please visit our Easy Access Bathrooms page.

Of course, accessibility is often about more than safety – it’s also about independence. People with disabilities or older people have more freedom with an easy-access bathroom and don’t have to be put in awkward situations. 

If an easy-access bathroom is your goal, here are 5 things we recommend including in any remodel:

A Walk-In Tub/Shower – There is probably no bigger safety issue in the bathroom than having to step over the rim of a tub to take a shower or bath – even a small barrier can create issues. A ‘no-barrier’ walk-in tub will solve this problem permanently. These tubs and showers come in many beautiful styles – you don’t have to sacrifice beauty to have safety.

Non-Slip Surfaces – Let’s face it: your bathroom surfaces + water = slippery conditions. But it doesn’t have to be like that. There are a number of tile options that can make a fall much less likely and our designer can show you products that fit your tastes and needs.

Grab Bars – Grab bars have been an option for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you should overlook them. Grab bars near the toilet and in the shower/tub area are key for being safer and allowing for more independence.

Wider Doorways – The need for a wheelchair or walker might not be here right now. But a bathroom remodel is the perfect time to plan for the future. If you want to make your bathroom as easy-access as possible, you should create wider doorways to be prepared for almost any situation.

Higher Toilet Seats – Having higher toilet seats helps to prevent falls and makes maintaining independence easier.

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We Can Custom-Design Your Easy Access Bathroom In Kansas City

One of reasons for the huge popularity of Jericho Home Improvements and our bathroom remodeling service, is our ability to customize your remodeling results. We’ll tailor your remodel for your specific needs and requests. We’re the opposite of cookie-cutter; we have expert bathroom designers on staff who can create a custom plan just for you.For a free consultation and quote, Contact Us.

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