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There are some incredible new and stunning trends in kitchen design this year and if you are thinking about updating your kitchen, this is the perfect time. With new color schemes, a return to nature and sustainability, and some very custom options, Jericho can help to make your kitchen ready for these new trends and create the kitchen of your dreams. Here are the top five new stunning trends in kitchen design.

A Return To Nature

Yes, that’s right! The newest kitchen design trend is all about sustainability to bring the outdoors inside. What does it mean for your kitchen? New types of textures being applied to almost every surface, wall and floor within your kitchen. There are even new textures for the kitchen door that create a unique and natural look. Each piece is different because a natural wood grain is trending right now.

Color Trends

Currently, there are some very new color palettes that are gaining a lot of attention this past year. Right now, light greens, whites and baby blues are taking over the kitchen market which also gives homeowners a very open and natural look. Imagine mixing a light baby blue with a beautiful light or mint green color and using a solid wood grain flooring. Taking these hints of color can create a magical space and bringing in nature is definitely a trend that is going to last for many years into the future.

The Walls

Many homeowners may not think about changing anything to the walls of a kitchen, but this is currently a very new and stunning trend to consider. Believe it or not, wallpaper is back and it is thriving. Most homeowners are choosing a textured-style wallpaper and are using light greens and blues because those colors are keeping their kitchens feel open, but still adding texture. Besides the textured wallpaper, there are many who are actually choosing a painted brick as well. Both are being used simultaneously because texture creates a natural feel within a room and the more the better with this trend.

Round Those Edges

Through the past several decades, a more modern and structured feel has been standard kitchen design. But, that’s all changing. Rounded edges on countertops have taken over the market as well as rounded cabinet edges. Softening up the kitchen area along with rounded edges, soft color palettes, but giving the feeling of nature with some texture in the right places, can truly bring the outdoors in.

Large Slabs With Color

One of the biggest changes taking place in kitchen design is no longer searching for subway tiles or tiny modern tiles with light or metallic colors. Right now, backsplashes are being replaced with large slabs of natural stone. Countertops are also being replaced with colored marble infused with deep strains of gold. With the textured wood grains throughout the floor and the roundness to the cabinets as well as the island, there are many new trends we are seeing come to market.

It’s really about a return to nature. Homeowners are serious about sustainability these days, and having these natural and solid elements in their home is a part of that. Some homeowners are bringing in nature by going a step further, planting a tree to be part of the design within the flooring, and adding flowers and windows to create a serene and calm place. With all of these new trends, Jericho can help you figure out the details of your new kitchen design.

How Jericho Can Help

Jericho Home Improvements has created some beautiful kitchen refinishing projects that can easily be customized to your ideal space.  We are current on the new trends, but also respect and adore the traditional kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects as well.  Since we enjoy helping our customers create a space they love living in and have created a professional design team to help you through the process.

Ready to be on trend with a new kitchen design project?  If you’re in or directly around the Kansas City, KS area, please Contact Us and we will be there to answer all of your questions about kitchen remodeling and also discuss any options that we have at Jericho.

Feel free to look at our kitchen gallery, which shows off our custom work and can give you some great ideas to create the kitchen of your dreams!

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