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5 Stunning Walk-In Shower Ideas For Kansas City Homeowners

Are you getting ready to completely change up your bathroom by redesigning around a new walk-in shower?


Along with the rest of the country, the popularity of these kinds of showers is growing here in Kansas City. We know because we’re a premier remodeler in the area, which gets to do many of them.

In this article, we’ll share five images of successful bathroom remodels that incorporate walk-ins from our Bathroom Gallery. These are projects we did for local Kansas City families.

We hope they inspire you, so when you’re ready to give us a call, we’ll have lots of concrete ideas to start with.


#1: Extravagant & Varying Tile Work

JerichoBath 16

We really enjoyed this particular bathroom and Custom Shower Remodel because of all the different tilework on the flooring, around the windows, along the walls, and the decorative lower portion of the walk-in shower.

What an alluring and comprehensive way to utilize the space!

The coloring is also really well done, don’t you think? The sandy and woody elements all work together perfectly, and it looks as though the bathroom has always had a low tub and walk-in. And while you can’t see it in this picture, it perfectly matches the hallway and other rooms that lead to it.

#2: The Corner Walk-In With Seating

JerichoBath 19

How luxurious! Aren’t those little details gorgeous: candles, a beautiful rug, perching porcelain angles on the fireplace mantle, and the subtle landscape painting behind them. That said, how about the seating in the walk-in shower? It’s rock-solid. It’s smooth. And all the showering components and controls are within reach.

We specialize in Easy Access Bathrooms in the Kansas City area, which often incorporates seating for increased safety and convenience.

#3: Simple Square-Walk-In Layout

004 2065

Here at Jericho, we truly understand one of the “secrets” to outstanding workmanship is doing such a great job that all the many details blend into one cohesive area.

Here again in this bathroom remodel, you’ve got soothing colors, the total utilization of available space, the tub, and convenient accessories strategically put in the right places.

What you can’t see in the image, though, is all the extra storage space that the remodel created to compensate for the new addition of the walk-in shower. And frankly, it’s common for families to need more custom storage areas that suit their lifestyle.

#4: Subtle & Complimentary Lighting Accents


The element we want to bring attention to in this walk-in shower idea is the lighting. Of all the images from our Bathroom Galleries in this article, this one shows how easy it is to add delicate lighting accents.

Sure, the vanity is brighter, but the others are more subtle, great for afternoon or evening showers. There’s also perfect-height seating, artistic tile work and stone, and plenty of space.

Speaking of which, let’s look at an example that isn’t so roomie.

#5: Compact Tub+Walk-In Setup For Smaller Bathrooms

JerichoBath 5

Not much bathroom area to work with, but still want that stirring ‘wow’ factor to go along with your new walk-in shower?

Honestly, it’s not a problem when you work with experienced designers.

During the transformation, we can add all kinds of visual details that make the space feel larger and fuller: round tub, versatile coloring, dynamic tile work, accents like framing around windows with high-privacy glass, etc.

The #1 most desired feature in bathrooms is function. And truth be told, you can add a ton of functionality to small spaces. While that walk-in shower doesn’t look big, it’s got more than enough room for this retired couple. They don’t use the tub as much (increasingly common), so it didn’t need to be big.

In Kansas City? Call Jericho & We’ll Get The Ball Rolling

If you’re a homeowner in the Kansas City area, don’t hesitate to reach out to the professionals at Jericho Home Improvement. We’re happy to answer your initial questions about bathroom remodeling, walk you through the possibilities, and help you find the perfect solutions. Thanks so much for your time today, and we hope to Hear From You Soon.