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In any bathroom remodeling project, there are some areas where getting the extras or the very best will make for stunningly beautiful results.

Here are 5 key things to never skimp on:


The tile above your bathtub or shower will make one of the biggest differences in the overall beauty of your new bathroom. This is an area where the more you go “all out” to buy the most attractive tile, the more it will show in your results.


The quality of your fixture,s are one of those little touches that add up to a big difference in the overall look of your finished KC bathroom remodel. Having matching or complementary fixtures is definitely one of the key decorative touches that make any bathroom makeover better.

Also, keep in mind that fixtures are something you’ll use over and over again, so durability and quality matter also. Don’t skimp here – get the best.

You can get a free professional design services and talk through the best products to use for your KC bathroom remodel. Go here to read about this design service.


The right lighting is the way to make everything else in your new bathroom look even better. Good lighting can also be designed in a way that will accent the very best parts of your bathroom makeover.


If you need an accessible bathroom, or are anticipating needing one in the future, it’s better not to take any shortcuts in making it accessible. Get every feature that you’ll want. 

Investing in accessibility is first of all about safety. Why not have every possible safeguard in place – after all, the bathroom is where falls and injuries in the home are the most common. 

Accessibility is also good just for the sake of comfort and convenience. Make your life easier now and in the future by getting the best accessibility products and features.

For more information about accessible bathroom remodels in KC, visit our Easy Access Bathrooms page.


Last but not least, don’t shortchange yourself on the Kansas City bathroom remodeling company you choose. 

If you assume that most bathroom remodels will have about the same results, you end up choosing the cheapest quote. But not all bathroom remodeling companies are created equal, and the companies offering very low quotes should be evaluated carefully.

A better approach is to find out which KC bathroom remodeler will deliver the best results based on their track record, their guarantees, and their professionalism.Go to our Reputation page to find out more about us. If you’d like a free consultation and quote for a bathroom remodel in KC, Contact Us.

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