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6 Tips To Avoid Choosing The Wrong Kansas City Kitchen & Bath Remodeler

Hiring A Bad Remodeler Can Be A Nightmare.
Here’s How To Make Sure That Doesn’t Happen.

It happens way too often: A homeowner hires what they think is a quality kitchen or bathroom remodeler in Kansas City… only to find out that the remodeler is a total disaster once the project starts.

Fortunately, getting a top-quality kitchen and bath contractor does not have to be a “luck of the draw.” One way to protect yourself is to look for red flags that warn you a contractor will be trouble.

Here are six of those red flags and why you should steer clear of any contractor who’s waving them.

Red Flag #1: Companies That Don’t Have A Proven Track Record

Every kitchen remodel, and bathroom remodel brings certain challenges and unique situations. You want a contractor with a demonstrated record—your home is not the time for “on-the-job” training!

At a minimum, verify that this is an actual company (not just a guy in a truck with a ladder and a toolbox!). The contractor should have a robust reputation with plenty of positive reviews and industry awards. Also, be sure to check for a well-rounded website filled with specific information.

Red Flag #2: Too-Good-To-Be-True Low Prices

When prices are bottom-of-the-barrel, you’ll get what you pay for. After 20+ years, we have discovered a strong correlation between people who “hired the lowest bidder” and those people who describe their remodeling experience as a “nightmare.”

Many Kansas City remodelers are willing to use the cheapest materials and subcontractors to get the lowest cost (and highest profits). Unfortunately, hiring the lowest bidder will usually cost more dollars in the end due to the costs of fixing all the mistakes and problems caused by inferior quality and cheap materials.

Red Flag #3: Companies That Say They Provide Fixed Quotes

Most likely, this will mean that you will actually overpay for what you get. A contractor will have to inflate the price to make sure that a cushion for changes and the unexpected are built-in. Instead of paying for exactly what you get, you pay based on inflated guesswork.

A better way to work is to have the remodeler clearly and transparently explain all pricing policies, get a complete plan in writing, and always understand the contract you’re signing.

Red Flag #4: Remodelers That Lack Proper Insurance

We prefer contractors who have a million-dollar general liability policy. Also, make sure a workman’s compensation policy covers all workers and that the contractor has auto insurance in force. It’s your right to ask to have the contractor’s insurance company fax or mail you copies of his insurance certificates.

Kitchen Remodeling Process For Kansas City Design Blueprint 1

Red Flag #5: Remodelers That Don’t Have A Systematic Approach

Don’t be afraid to ask about a remodeler’s process. If they give a wandering answer or seem to be “just winging it,” that is a sure sign of stress ahead.

On the other hand, if they have a firm grasp and can outline a step-by-step process, you will likely have a smoother project and superb results.

Red Flag #6: Remodelers That Give You A Bad Impression

What overall impression did the kitchen or bathroom remodeler make on the first appointment? Your instincts are usually right—you’ll accurately sense the professionalism of a remodeler 99% of the time. But for some reason, people sometimes talk themselves out of what they know.

For example, look for little clues. How confident are they when answering specific design or build questions? Can they explain things thoroughly? Do they demonstrate a deep knowledge of home building?

What kind of vehicle did the contractor come in for the first appointment? It doesn’t have to be a loaded, shiny new truck, but it also shouldn’t be something that looks like it could break down at any moment. And did you look at their website? Does it make a professional impression?

You can tell a lot by the little details. Don’t ignore them!

The Next Step For Your Remodel

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