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Awesome Ideas For Bathroom Remodeling Projects In Kansas City

Sometimes small powder bathrooms are overlooked when it comes to remodeling potential – homeowners often think that the possibilities are also small. But there’s actually a lot that can be done in these small bathrooms.

One advantage in designing a powder room is that you can be more adventurous with your design choices than you would be elsewhere in your home because it is smaller. 

This makes powder rooms a great place to experiment with bold designs and inventive solutions that you have always wanted to try but never felt confident enough to commit to.

Below are some 7 ways to create bold statements with your powder room and make it a fresh new space in your home.

Big Color

Strong colors are a great way to make an impact in a powder room. Loud or super-saturated hues that may be too much in other rooms of the home, can bring a welcome vibrancy to the space. You can experiment with different combinations, like accents on the trim or molding. Or, create a dramatic effect by going all in on one color.

Light It Up

The right lighting can make a small bathroom look more spacious and brighter. Also, accent lighting is a way to put the spotlight on special features, while vertical lighting above the mirror is perfect for applying makeup or shaving.

Beautiful Frames And Mirrors

When considering mirrors, look for frames that can help create a bold and beautiful look. This can be a great way to highlight other framed pieces that may already be in the room, like original or decorative windows. You can also take advantage of the height of a powder room by incorporating more artwork. 

Wood for Warmth

Vintage wooden furniture can be bold and beautiful. And incorporating it into a powder room can lend a sense of comfort and familiarity to a space that tends to be cold and forgotten. In this case, an old chest of drawers creates a solid foundation for the room that ties in well with the more traditional stylings of shaded light fixtures and a painting in the back. There’s no reason why a powder room can’t be as comfortable and welcoming as any other room in the house.

Modern Storage

Minimal space is an exciting challenge because it encourages new designs that accommodate everything. A great bathroom remodeling company can help you find the right combination of storage and elegance that creates a sense of beauty and order.

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Accented Tile

Going bold with your choice of tile can be a great way to elevate minimal design and draw attention throughout the room. A patterned tile can balance neutral colors in the bathroom, framing it with a bold design element.  

Luxurious Minimalism

Restraint can be a great thing to exercise when rethinking a powder room. Stripping the space down to the most fundamental components can allow you to focus on bringing a new level of luxury to everything in the room. By focusing on the essentials, you can then invest more in those products and afford the very best-quality products.  If you’d like a free consultation and quote for a bathroom remodeling in Kansas City, Contact Us.

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