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Even if you can’t completely overhaul your kitchen, you can give it a fresh new look and feel. Small updates — new hardware, a new finish or coat of paint, or new decor pieces — won’t break the bank and you may even be able to do some of them without the help of a kitchen remodeling professional. But these small refreshers can, all together, make a big difference when it comes to your kitchen overall. Need to give your kitchen a facelift? Here are a few of our favorite kitchen refresher ideas. 

Update Your Hardware

Does your kitchen faucet look old and dingy? Have your cabinet or drawer handles begun to wear down or break off? These might not make a big difference in your kitchen, but they can make the space feel worn down and uninspired. You can replace your faucet with a more energy efficient faucet, or simply a more stylish faucet. Find cabinet or drawer handles that suit your style or opt for cabinets and drawers without handles.

Open Shelving

Open shelving can create an airy modern look or enhance a soft, homey cottage vibe. If you have an open wall and need more storage, you can install floating or open shelves for your cookbooks, houseplants, or possibly non-perishables and baking supplies. If you already have kitchen cabinets along each wall, consider removing the doors to make for an open shelving appearance.

Repaint or Stain

A fresh coat of paint is the best example of a small change that can make a big difference. You can add a fresh coat of paint to the walls of your kitchen or you can freshen up the look of your kitchen cabinets by repainting them. A soft, light color will make your kitchen feel cozier, while a bolder color will make it stand out and feel fresher. If you have wood cabinets, you could also add a finishing stain to them or refresh the finishing stain that already exists if it’s starting to become worn down.

Add Lighting

Lighting is vastly important for your kitchen. You need ample lighting for food prep, cooking, and washing dishes. So if your kitchen is starting to feel a little dim to you, that’s probably because your overhead lighting is not enough. Consider placing a light over the sink or over the stove. Adding small stick-on LED lights underneath your cabinet will also help to illuminate your work in the kitchen. You can add more natural lighting, too, by installing a window in your kitchen.

Plates as Wall Decor

Hanging plates on the wall can be an easy way to add a touch of quirky decor to the space, though the plates you choose are up to you. Maybe you have family heirloom plates that you never feel comfortable serving with, or maybe you found some nice plates at a dollar store or a thrift shop. Maybe you have an old plate that you broke. You can glue it back together and place it on the wall as decor rather than having to throw it out.

Replace Your Flooring

You may not spend much time looking at the flooring of your kitchen, but it does contribute to the overall look of the place. It also contributes to the amount of maintenance you have to do in your kitchen. A vinyl or linoleum floor might be easy to clean, but a bit drab. On the other hand, a hardwood or stone floor might take more work to maintain though it gives a more stately appearance. Consider what’s most important — aesthetic or maintenance — or look into wood laminate options for your kitchen flooring.

Go For Modern Countertops

No longer do you need to be stuck with cheap vinyl or pesky tile countertops. Instead, you can opt for elegant and durable stone countertops like marble or quartz. Need something that fits a little more neatly into your budget? Look into engineered stone or even smooth metal countertops. These countertops will last longer, look amazing, and may require less maintenance overall.

Add a Rug

If you cook regularly or wash your dishes by hand, you may spend a lot of time standing in the kitchen. Want it to be more comfortable? An outdoor rug is sturdy enough to stand up to the wear of the kitchen but adds warmth and comfort for long hours in the kitchen. You can roll them up if you have a particularly messy meal to cook, but if the rug gets dirty anyway, it can be cleaned with an outdoor hose. 

Invest in a Kitchen Cart

A kitchen island can be a boon when it comes to counter space and storage, but it might not be possible for everyone. A kitchen cart, on the other hand, is much more doable for most kitchens. This small cart, placed on wheels so it can be easily moved to and fro, offers temporary prep space as well as storage space. Once you’re finished with it, you can roll it into a tight corner out of sight. Some even have kitchen carts built into their kitchen islands to expand them if need be. 


You may be able to make some of these changes yourself. For the rest, consider asking for help. Whether you need a light facelift or a full gut job for your kitchen remodeling project, Jericho Home Improvements is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you or to schedule a free estimate.

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