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Let’s face it: no one likes to overpay for anything. Remodeling projects are no exception – everyone wants a good deal.

And there’s nothing wrong with the idea of trying to save money, of course. But if you get a lowball quote from a Kansas City kitchen and bathroom contractor, you need to be cautious.

A low quote means something is being left out – something your contractor is not likely to come out and tell you is missing.

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Some Remodeling Red Flags

The first thing to ask about, is if a professional design of your remodeling project is included in that price.

And we’re talking about a professional, customized design using software. Some Kansas City kitchen and bathroom contractors will tell you they’ll include design services. But then that “design” turns out to be a rough hand drawn sketch or some kind of cookie-cutter template.

So always make sure that low price includes a fully-professional design using good software (because it probably doesn’t).

The next thing you need to worry about with a low bid is what it DOES include.

A low quote typically includes things like the use of temporary labor or sub-contractors. That’s because one of the only ways for a remodeler to squeeze out a profit from a low bid, is to go with cheaper installers that don’t have to be paid well.

Sure, it costs more money for a company to hire and employ Master Installers, but it’s worth it for the quality of the results. The long-term success of your remodel depends on the quality of the installation.

Another red flag with a low quote, is what kind of products are being used. Often a low quote uses mediocre materials that come at a cheaper cost. But this lowers the value of your finished remodel. And you might end up having to eventually replace inferior products, costing you more money in the long run.

The final thing to watch out for with low quotes: are you being set up for a ‘bait and switch’ situation? This is where a kitchen and bath contractor will price out a project using the cheapest options every time and leave out things that are basic but they will later call “unexpected.”

Once they have your signature, the constant pressure to upgrade or the steady flow of unexpected costs begin. The overall price of your project steadily rises, and that original low quote is long gone.

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How To Avoid A Bad Experience With A Low Quote

When it comes to a low quote, take a harder look at the Kansas City contractor you’re considering. Common issues with cheaper remodelers include:

  • Lack of proper insurance and licensing.
  • Heavy use of sub-contractors and/or temporary labor.
  • Very few references.
  • Uses truck as office.

And keep in mind that contractors who have unrealistically low bids are also the kind that tend to go out of business quickly (and why the majority of kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors are out of business in 5 years or less.

Then when there’s a problem down the road with work they did, there’s no one to call.

The best way to avoid all this is to focus more on value than price. The old saying, ‘you get what you pay for’ is usually true!

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