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Looking for a home remodeling contractor with a smooth, easy and professional process? Read on!

Here’s the deal, Kansas City is a large amazing place to live and work, but when it comes to home remodeling contractors you’ve really got to trust who you invest in.

Did you know that across the nation, according to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) home remodeling gets the most complaints? It’s true! More than all the usual suspects like auto sales, insurance, restaurants, and so on.

Makes you wonder, why?

Well, the answer’s complex, but let’s take a look at it through common issues themselves.

Typical complaints revolve around remodeling contractors who:

  • … take 10X the amount of time it should take to complete a relatively simple remodeling project.
  • … treat you like an imbecile and quote or propose a completely ludicrous price – not to mention more than double other local estimates – essentially looking to prey on ignorance and playing the numbers game.
  • …show no respect for your property and belongings around the area of your home where work is being done.
  • … dump tons of sales pressure on you, trying to get you cornered into an early contract, shady upfront deposit, etc.
  • … assure you top-of-the-line everything, but only later on do you discover the materials were subpar, past warranty, or worse.
  • … lavish you with promises, especially in their marketing material, but then fails to come through on materials and labor.
  • … bring in not only third-party contractors you didn’t expect, but then uses temp work and less professional or vetted individuals you didn’t agree to have in your home.
  • … create problems they themselves or their teams are unable to fix…creating problems that should never have existed in the first place.
  • … demand this or that in order to have a conversation with you, like it has to be here, in this way, with these people, or else.
  • … does all this and in the end produces horrible work! They didn’t think you would pay attention to or be concerned with all the small details that within a small frame of time begin to break down and show themselves.

Brutal, and we could keep going. It’s one of the reasons Jericho Home Improvement has done so well in Kansas City. These subpar, inexperienced, and unprofessional operations make us look even better and make it easier to be legitimately successful.

Honestly, using the issues we’ve brought up as a backdrop, let’s switch into the statement you’re making by taking the time to find the right match.

Your Choice: A Pro Home Improvement Company Kansas City

When you work with the best, it’s a choice.

  • You choose end results that are, as one of our customers put it in their review, “…absolutely, high-end, breath-takingly beautiful bling…top-notch workmanship!
  • You choose results that aren’t just better than you at first imagined, but more functional, with benefits and features you didn’t expect.
  • You choose a remodeling process that’s detail-orientated, that lacks unpleasant surprises, and that makes you feel like you’re being treated with respect.
  • You choose a kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling contractor who deals with unforeseen issues with ease and professionalism.
  • You choose great communication throughout the remodel and beyond, as it’s nice to have a contractor you can depend on over time.

After thousands of successful remodels under our belt, Jericho Home Improvement is proud to say we have a good percentage of long-term customers. It says alot. And, it means a ton.

The Consultation Process – Favorite or Worst Part

Before a hammer hits a nail or any demolition takes place, the first step in the process should be a quality sitdown with a remodeling professional.

And here’s what any experienced consultant worth their weight in gold will tell you in an unbiased way to get your head in the right place.

The biggest mistake folks make is going with so-called professionals with the lowest possible price tag, so they can try to fish a bargain out of the deal.

Don’t let that be you.

With Jericho Home Improvement the remodeling consultancy comes FREE. It costs you nothing to sit down and go through the details. Our trained consultant will be there to…

  • … Listen to you so they can effectively understand your goals, your lifestyle and needs.
  • … Bring the proverbial showroom to you, helping you SEE what’s going to work and what isn’t.
  • … Help you understand the materials involved, the manufacturers, and levels/prices of quality.
  • … Ensure you know what to expect through each step of the process and who to turn to.
  • … Give you a genuine, reasonable, and data-backed remodeling quote before they leave.

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Speak with a Seasoned Consultant

You owe it to yourself and your home to speak with us – you can use our website’s simple Contact Form located below or grab your phone and give us a call at 913-308-0344. Our customer service representative can answer your questions and get you all set up. We look forward to hearing from you.

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