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When you get ready to do a home improvement, you usually want to express yourself through your home. If you find yourself drawn to a simpler more downhome feeling for your home you are going to impress your guests with an inviting comfortable place to visit. Features like custom showers with stone tile can take a home from one that doesn’t actually have a style to a rustic home with a home remodel.

Start With Basics

The best place to start to achieve a rustic home is with the room structure. You might want to add some weathered-look beams to your ceilings. Whether you want a rustic home that gives you a feel of yesteryear or a modern rustic feel, the choice of wooden beams will go well with the design of your rustic home improvement. The walls in a rustic home should reflect the hues of nature. That might be leaves with all their splendor each autumn, or a river running through the forest. Nature is the best place to get ideas for colors of paint that you choose for your rustic home.


You might think that a rustic home needs to have wood floors, but that isn’t necessarily so. A wood floor is definitely an awesome choice for a rustic home, with all the different wood tones and patterns in the wood grains, but there are lots of kinds of floors that can give a home that rustic feeling you are looking for. Tiles that have the wood look can be a choice of flooring for a rustic home with an added bonus of being super easy to clean. Another choice in tile is a paver tile. You will get a rustic home that is reminiscent of the English countryside when you choose a tile in a paver style. Most often when choosing a floor for a rustic home, the popular choice is certainly wood, especially a very weathered wood look or dark warm-toned wood. You can do warm, dark tones or the weathered wood in either wide planks or a more narrow planks if that is more the style you like. 

The Rustic Kitchen

The best room to start with to make your home improvement a rustic style is the kitchen. There are so many ways to make a kitchen rustic. You can start with barn doors when you walk into your kitchen.  What a unique way to immediately take your home to that rustic style! Of course, you can choose appliances that are rustic, but modern. A stove that looks like an old wood stove from long ago is an ideal way to make a rustic statement. Rustic appliances give an old-fashioned charm to a kitchen that is so inviting. You may want a rustic fireplace in your kitchen to add an even more authentic feel to your home. 

The Rustic Bathroom

A bathroom is such a fun room in which to create that rustic feeling. You might start with a copper soaking tub in front of a stone surrounded fire feature. Another cool way to add that rustic charm to a bathroom is custom showers that are finished with stone tile for your home in Kansas City. You can always make bathroom choices that are rustic if you make choices that remind you of nature.

Your home improvement can take you back in time to a more rustic, simpler time. At Jericho Home Improvements, we can help you choose a design and the materials you need to achieve your dream home. Call us today to visit with a consultant.