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How To Boost Your Kansas City Home’s Value

With An Affordable Home Remodeling Project 

Among the best home remodeling projects for boosting your home’s value are kitchen remodels, kitchen refinishing, and bathroom remodeling.

When homeowners consider a home remodeling project, they sometimes only think in terms of upfront cost. They don’t counter-balance the costs against the value it can add to their home.

Here is a quick guide to three home remodeling projects that can instantly increase the value of your Kansas City home:

Kitchen Remodeling: Today’s homeowners expect more from their kitchens than in times past. The kitchen has become a family gathering place, an entertaining space, and a place to enjoy relaxing in your own home. Overall, people look for roomier kitchens that are very functional.

With these increased expectations for the kitchen area, remodeling your kitchen to keep your home more attractive has become more essential. While most Kansas City homeowners are not planning on selling their home anytime soon, it is always a good idea to keep in mind that a kitchen remodel is adding value to your home in the future, too.

One great idea for adding value is to make your kitchen larger. Many homeowners combine the kitchen with the dining area to make it more beautiful and functional.

Another good tip: professional design can be a big help in making the right choices to get the exact kitchen remodeling results you want. For more on Design Services, click here.

Kitchen Refinishing: There’s another option available for updating your kitchen to add value to your home: it’s called kitchen refinishing. This allows you to update your kitchen at about 1/3 the price and in about 1/3 the time of a full kitchen remodel. 

(Not all Kansas City home remodeling companies offer Kitchen Refinishing services, but we do – go here to learn more).

Kitchen refinishing can be a great option for you if you don’t want any major changes to the layout of your kitchen and if your cabinets don’t need to be replaced – only refinished.

The great thing about kitchen refinishing, is you can improve your home’s value at a lower cost. A completely refreshed kitchen makes your home more beautiful and attractive, whether you are planning on selling soon or not until well in the future.

Bathroom Remodeling: An old, outdated bathroom can be a big negative when it comes to the overall value of your home. Today’s homeowner expects a well-lit, sparkling bathroom, that is both beautiful and functional.

If you’re short on space, have a poor layout, or find that your bathroom never looks clean no matter what you do, a brand-new bathroom remodel is the solution.

Professional design services can be particularly helpful in creating a new bathroom that you’ll love and adding value to your home.

Your color scheme, flooring, and accessories will all make a big difference in the success of your bathroom remodeling project. The right choices will make your bathroom feel roomier and brighter. It is important to find a Kansas City home remodeling contractor who you can trust to give you the best advice on all your options.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to get as much value as possible from your bathroom remodeling project.Whether you want to update your kitchen or bathroom (or both), you can improve your home’s value by getting it done right the first time. For a free consultation and design of your new project, Contact Us.

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