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Appliance Placement: Why It Matters & What To
Consider For Your Overland Park, KS Kitchen Remodel

How Your Appliances Affect Your Kitchen Remodeling Project 

One of the primary focuses for kitchen remodeling in any Overland Park, KS, home is creating a visually appealing space. However, an essential factor that cannot be overlooked is the placement of your appliances when designing your new kitchen.

Your layout will be the essential starting point for your new kitchen remodel design, which is heavily influenced by your appliance choices. The ideal placement will make your kitchen fully functional while looking fabulous and creating the perfect welcoming environment for friends and family.

Let’s examine why appliance placement is critical to a successful kitchen remodel and the factors you should consider.

Why Appliance Placement In A Kitchen Is So Important

Your kitchen is divided into different work areas based on what you do in each spot. Generally, you’ll have areas where you prep and those where you cook. Where you place your appliances will affect how you set up these areas.

Additionally, you’ll want to consider how you plan your kitchen’s “work triangle.” This is the way the fridge, stove, and sink are connected. The ideal pattern is an open triangle where you can move freely between the three stations. If anything blocks the flow of movement, it can severely disrupt the functionality of your kitchen.

You’ll also need to plan your appliance placement around who will use the kitchen. It should be designed with that person in mind to be the most accommodating to their needs and cooking style.

Ensure All Of Your Kitchen’s Doors Can Open

You’re investing a lot to get a newly remodeled kitchen in your Kansas City area home. So, if everything doesn’t work right once installed, it can be frustrating and cost a lot of money to fix on top of everything you just spent.

When choosing the placement of your appliances, you’ll want to ensure you allow enough space for all the doors to fully open. Consider things like the hardware on adjacent cabinets that could block the door.

Appliances like the fridge need to open wide enough to allow the internal drawers to open fully. Not only does your oven need to open all the way, but you also need enough room to safely move around it.

When working with your kitchen remodeler, planning out the space appropriately is essential to ensure all these aspects are considered. When you have your in-home design consultation, you can bring this up as a concern.

Verify Installation Requirements

While you may be replacing your refrigerator with one of the same size, it’s essential to verify the specs on installation. They may have different depth requirements or need different accommodations for door swings. This could affect how you place your fridge.

In fact, if your new appliance doesn’t fit properly in the space the old one occupies, you could be looking at a completely different layout for your new kitchen. Considering these details before making your purchase is essential, as they will affect the overall design and outcome.

Consider Your Electrical Work And Plumbing

If you’re redesigning the entire layout, consider the current electrical work in your kitchen. Your Kansas City area kitchen remodel contractor will have a better idea of what will need to be completed in terms of moving outlets to accommodate the changes you want made.

You’ll have to consider if you want to add the cost of moving your outlets or adding new ones to your kitchen remodeling budget. Additionally, if you plan to move your dishwasher or sink, you may need to move the plumbing, which is another added expense.

Don’t Forget The Small Kitchen Appliances

With the popularity of kitchen gadgets and small appliances, many Overland Park, KS homeowners have many different ones that must be accommodated. When you plan your remodel, you’ll need an idea of where these will go.

If you have a pantry, you can add an outlet to keep the microwave out of sight. Alternatively, you can install an appliance garage to conceal several small countertop appliances when they’re not used.

Ideally, you don’t want to give up all your counter space to your small appliances because you need it for prep work and cooking. It’s a necessary part of your kitchen workspace.

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