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What Comes First For Kitchen Remodeling In
Lee’s Summit, MO: Cabinets Or Flooring?

The Best Installation Techniques For
Your Stunning New Kitchen

When you begin kitchen remodeling in Lee’s Summit, MO, one of the most common questions is whether cabinets or flooring should be installed first.

During a complete kitchen remodel, there are so many elements to consider. Flooring, lighting, cabinets, appliances – it can be daunting to decide what to start with.

Well, here at Jericho Home Improvements, we’ve been remodeling kitchens in the Kansas City Area for decades. As the largest independent kitchen remodeler in the nation, we have the expertise to know exactly how to do things for perfect kitchen remodeling results.

So, what comes first for kitchen remodeling? Cabinets or flooring?

When To Install Flooring First During Kitchen
Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

As a rule of thumb, most floorings can go in before the cabinets. It depends on the material, but if you’re installing hardwood flooring or tile, you’re pretty much safe to go for it before the cabinets are in. 

Keep Cabinets Level

When we install flooring first, the floor is nice and level for cabinets and appliances. There’s a streamlined flow to the kitchen. Plus, if you want to rearrange your kitchen in the future, you don’t need to redo the floor or fill in the space where the cabinets were. 

It might be tempting to save on flooring material by installing cabinets first. Most of the time, it’s just not worth it down the line. 

Kitchen Longevity

We do things the Jericho way – never cutting corners to save just a bit on materials or work time. When you’re working with tile or hardwood, a fully complete floor is usually your best bet for longevity in your kitchen remodel. 

The flooring-first installation makes flooring basically a permanent part of your kitchen. If you want to refinish your kitchen down the line, you won’t need to worry about where the flooring stops. 

Keep Flooring Safe

One reason people quote to install cabinets first is to avoid damaging flooring during the cabinet installation process. 

Sure, as the remodel continues, splashes of paint or a bit of scratching could be a concern. 

Our answer? We keep things tidy anyway. 

Damage to flooring during the rest of the remodel is completely avoidable. Our crew is meticulous and careful with every detail. If we’ve got new flooring in, we cover the floors and keep them safe during the rest of the remodel. 

When To Install Cabinets First During Kitchen
Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

Sometimes, it’s a good idea to put flooring in after cabinets. 

We analyze your ENTIRE kitchen remodel to decide on the best process for your needs. So, if you fall into one of these categories, we’ll make sure the flooring installation is done the right way. 

Floating Floors

What are floating floors? 

It sounds pretty cool, but floating floors do not hover like Aladdin’s magic carpet. 

Floating floors are just floors that are not directly attached to the subfloor. They can move around and shift a bit with your house to stay flat and level. Usually, floating floors are vinyl, laminate, or a few particular types of hardwood. 

If floating flooring is installed underneath cabinets, it can’t move around with your house. That leads to bubbling and an irregular floor surface. Nobody wants a tripping hazard in the kitchen, so it’s best to install these floors AFTER cabinets. 

Cabinet Height

The other reason to install flooring after cabinets? 

If the cabinets you’ve picked out are at a strange height on top of the flooring, we’ll install the flooring after the cabinets. 

Sometimes, putting flooring underneath cabinets makes the cabinets and countertop just a little too high for comfort. 

We’ll figure out exactly what you need and adjust the installation process to make sure your cabinets are the perfect height. 

Expert Kitchen Remodeling In Lee’s Summit, MO

Our expert team strives for not just good results, but the BEST results on every kitchen remodel in the Kansas City Metro. 

We’ll help you figure out the perfect process for kitchen remodeling that will leave you with a kitchen that you’ll absolutely LOVE – contact us for a free estimate today.

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