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Have you ever had this picture in your head that no one seems to understand? Well, don’t you think it’s about time someone could take a dive into your vision and bring it to life? That’s where we come in. We won’t lie – we can’t cook you up the best creme brulee you’ve ever had, and we can’t teach your dog how to to do a triple back flip over the campfire. Here at Jericho, we don’t make false promises – we stick to what we know. And that’s kitchen and bathroom remodeling.

And guess what, we’re located right here in KC, as the bathroom design contractors of Kansas City! Who knew you didn’t have to travel to Wichita or Omaha for something like that? Now that’s a new one! 

What Contractors Think of Your “Insane” Idea 

As a home improvement company, we’ve had countless visions brought to life, but it wasn’t done on our own. One of the best parts of the job for any true contractor is listening to their client’s vision. There’s something about taking the time to sit with a client and listen to their ideas that is incredibly special. For them to trust you to bring something so important to them to life is truly beautiful.

It’s hard for those who have never helped someone else’s dream come true to understand. But trust us when we say it’s magical, no matter how cliche that may sound.

What Clients Think About Jericho Contractors

One comment that nearly every client has mentioned after finishing a job with Jericho is the attention to detail. Dave and Jerry said their contractor helped with everything, “From the template, picking out the granite, fabricating it, installing it and coming back out to clean off the film.” 

Glen and Alyssa said the best part about working with Jericho was, “The precision to detail, from the dirt mats that kept things neat and tidy to the small accent tile pieces, really made the transformation pop.” 

Now, did you imagine your perfect accent tiles for your bathroom remodel that you just can’t put into words? That’s exactly what you’d be paying Jericho to do! The best part is:  the remodels will last for decades! But if you’re one of those whose life is devoted to renewed vision, then call us and we’ll be happy to create an entirely new bathroom created by you…for you.

The Best Cupcake in the World

Now, you may wonder what cupcakes have to do with this, but hear us out. When watching HGTV, you may wonder how these people find remodeling contractors that work wonders on their homes. The thing is, they always start local, and they always start with a trusted home improvement company. When you are looking for mattresses, where do you want to go? The place that will give you the comfiest, nicest mattress that your budget can buy. You want someone you can trust, someone who will understand your desires, and make you feel good about them. So why should your home be any different? After all, the average person will spend one and a half years in the bathroom! Who wants to spend 18 months straight in a room they can’t connect to? Surely not your creative mind. But where do you go when you need your vision brought to life? Jericho Home Improvements, the largest independent kitchen and bath remodeler in the nation! 

So, if you want cupcakes, you might want to talk to Anthony Bourdain. But if you want a bathroom design contractor, well, then I guess that makes us the Anthony Bourdain of bathroom remodels. Call us or fill out our online form today to book your contractor! Just don’t call him Anthony.