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5 Flooring Materials For Bathroom Remodeling In Kansas City

Plus, The Pros And Cons Of Each Type Of Bathroom Floor.

Many times, Kansas City homeowners doing a bathroom remodeling project just need a quick guide that cuts through all the fluff and gives straightforward information.

So let’s cut to the chase: Below, you’ll find five flooring materials you should consider for your bathroom remodel, with pros and cons of each.

(By the way, if you really want the fastest and most straightforward way to get information, reach out to Kansas City’s biggest and best bathroom remodeler. We’ll give you a free consultation, including free professional design services.)

5 Flooring Materials For Your New Bathroom

#1: Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury vinyl tile is a way to give your bathroom an elegant look for less. It can give you the look of wood or stone, and it comes in both water-resistant and waterproof options.

  • BENEFITS: High-end look for less, water-resistant, and comfortable to walk on.
  • DRAWBACKS: Be careful because there are cheap-looking products out there. Remember that the flooring must be installed correctly, or it will look terrible.

#2: Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is an eco-friendly way to go. It also feels great to walk on in your bare feet – very warm and soft! This is becoming a more popular option with Kansas City homeowners because it is a sustainable material.

  • BENEFITS: Low-maintenance, sustainable choice for the environment, and mold resistant.
  • DRAWBACKS: While water-resistant, it is not waterproof. Proper installation and sealing are absolute musts.

#3: Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles

Bathroom Floor Tile Kansas City Bathroom Remodeling

These choices continue to be very popular because you don’t have to worry about the moisture in your bathroom with this flooring. And any worries about water damage go away with this choice.

  • BENEFITS: Waterproof, lots of choices of styles and colors, easy maintenance, and usually reasonably priced.
  • DRAWBACKS: Installers have to do good work, or this tile project will turn into a mess! Also, many people don’t like walking on cold, hard tile.

#4: Natural Stone Tiles

The number one reason homeowners choose natural stone is that it looks awesome! The durability is great (as long as you maintain it – see drawbacks below).

  • BENEFITS: You can’t beat the beauty of stone tiles! There are lots of great choices of stone materials and styles—plus, it’s durable.
  • DRAWBACKS: Stone does cost more, and it requires more maintenance than most bathroom remodeling choices. Also, it needs more cleaning and somewhat regular sealing.

#5: Engineered Hardwood

You wouldn’t typically place a wood floor in a place with a lot of moisture (like a bathroom!). But engineered hardwood is specifically made to have multiple layers, with veneer on top. It’s a way to get the beautiful look of wood flooring for your bathroom.

  • BENEFITS: Made from real wood and it can hold up in a moist environment. Plus, there is a good selection of styles and looks.
  • DRAWBACKS: If it sustains any damage, it is harder to repair than other flooring materials. And just like cork, it is only water-resistant, not waterproof. Finally, it tends to be more expensive than many other bathroom flooring options.

Explore Your Options With A Free Design Consultation

That’s your quick guide to bathroom flooring materials. Your next step is to reach out to us for a free design consultation.

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