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There are a number of reasons to remodel your bathroom. Maybe a loved one just moved in and you want to make more room for them. Maybe your tastes have simply changed. Maybe your family has grown. But one main reason to remodel a bathroom, especially bathroom remodeling for seniors, is to make aging in place more of a possibility. On that note, let’s talk about some bathroom remodeling ideas to make your bathroom more accessible.

Walk-In Shower or Tub

As you get older, it can become more difficult to step over the ledge of the bathtub every time you need to take a shower. Walk-in showers have become more popular in homes even if the residents aren’t in need of accessible features. However, they can be a boon if you have mobility issues. If you’d still prefer a tub or don’t like the idea of standing for quite so long, you can also have a walk-in tub, with a side door so that you can access it from a much lower threshold. These tubs often have seats, though you can have a seat installed in your shower, as well.

Non-Slip Surfaces

No one likes to slip in the shower. However, when you’re older, a slip in the shower can be catastrophic. It could mean the difference between being able to move around your house and having to go to the hospital for a broken hip. For this reason, it’s best to have non-slip surfaces in the bathroom. Consider a non-slip mat in the bath or shower, as well as non-slip floor options such as:

  • Cork
  • Bamboo
  • Ceramic or porcelain
  • Non-slip vinyl
  • Natural stone
  • Linoleum

Wider Dimensions

You may need your shower to become wheelchair accessible as you get older, and not all bathrooms are built for this. To achieve wheelchair accessibility, you’ll need to make sure you have wider pathways, at least 36” in width. This is not just handy for full-time wheelchair users but for people who need wheelchairs on days when they’re too tired to get around by foot. Handguards on the walls, especially for the toilet or shower, are also a handy way to make the bathroom more wheelchair accessible.

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