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9 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Kansas City, KS
Bathroom Remodel

Enjoy Your Bathroom Even More When Space Is
No Longer An Issue

Have you been having issues with locating everything in your Kansas City, KS bathroom? If you reach for the toilet paper only to come back with a bottle of shampoo, it might be time to upgrade your storage with a bathroom remodel.

Storage issues are one of the main reasons many Kansas City, KS homeowners say “enough is enough” and have their bathroom remodeled. Along with upgrading flooring, countertops, faucets, tub, shower, and sink — your bathroom remodel should tackle the storage issues you may have.

Check out these nine clever storage ideas for your Kansas City, KS bathroom remodel!

1. Recessed Shelving

Most people have heard of recessed lighting, but have you heard of recessed shelving? Recessed shelving is placed into the wall between two bathroom studs. Looking at the shelving from the side, you can not see it as it is hidden inside the wall.

Many people are eager to use recessed shelving because it helps you maximize your bathroom space to its fullest potential. In the past, the space between the wall studs was wasted – now, you can put it to good use.

You can dress these shelves up with recessed lighting built into the frames. It is a luxury remodel that also adds to your storage.

2. Medicine Cabinets With Mirrors

Medicine cabinets have always been a solid option for adding a little bathroom storage. However, today’s medicine cabinets are meant to be dual-purpose. Not only can they hold items behind their doors, but they are mirrored to allow you to use these in place of a traditional mirror.

You get the best of both worlds by opting for a mirrored medicine cabinet. The mirror can help your room look bigger and be functional, while you can then put small items like medicine, beauty products, glasses, contacts, and the like into the cabinet portion!

3. Vanity Shelving

If your bathroom has the space, you will find several types of vanities out there to choose from for your remodel. You aren’t limited to a traditional vanity style with only one cabinet underneath the sink.

Instead, opt for vanities with storage solutions that will make your bathroom even more organized. For example, a vanity with open shelving would allow you to store towels, or you could opt for wicker baskets to go into these slots to keep your items tidier. For a bonus, you can group similar items for easy access.

The options are endless for vanities – so take your time deciding which is suitable for your bathroom. The essential rule to remember is to go with the vanity that not only fits your style and design taste but will provide adequate storage.

4. Linen Closet

Does your Kansas City, KS bathroom have a place to store linens? If not, your bathroom remodel should include the addition of a linen closet.

Linen closets were designed to keep your towels and other linens within easy reach. However, a linen closet is more than a location for towels. While you may dedicate one shelf to towels, the additional shelves can hold other items. For example:

  • Line a shelf with wicker baskets to store makeup and personal hair care products
  • Place cleaning products on the bottom shelf for easy access and to keep these out of the way
  • Use plastic cubicles on these shelves to hold shampoo, body wash, and other items instead of crowding your shower or tub with these items

5. Ladder Shelving

Ladder shelving is a relatively new type of shelving unit on the market, and it’s quickly becoming a popular option for bathroom remodels. A ladder shelf provides more space to place items and helps you utilize your vertical space better while being trendy.

You will want to use these ladder shelves in areas where you have dead space. Not only can the ladder shelf be used for items you are using in your bathroom, but it can be a great way to add some decorative items like plants into your bathroom.

6. Over The Toilet Shelving

The space over the toilet is often underutilized, but it offers an incredible opportunity to store supplies. Having shelving units in this space can help you keep your bathroom more organized.

These shelving units can be home to necessities like toilet paper placed into baskets, fun artwork, or even plants to add moisture-wicking greenery to your bathroom.

7. Invest In Drawer Bins

If you have drawers in your vanity, be sure to take the extra step to have bins inside. Drawer bins will help you to avoid hours of trying to find those small items you can never seem to find.

8. Slim Rolling Carts

Rolling carts are becoming a must-have in every bathroom. They provide extra storage space and can be moved if needed. These slim rolling carts are perfect for the tight spaces often seen in bathrooms because they add storage without taking up floor space.

9. Over-The-Door Hooks

Over-the-door hooks and other organizational items are great for your entry door, linen closet door, and the doors on your vanity. Many people find a few well-placed hooks on these doors can be great locations for items that would otherwise clutter the counter or be left on the floor.

For example:

  • Hook metal bins onto the inside of your vanity doors for curling irons or hair straighteners
  • Place hooks onto the back of the bathroom door to hang robes, wet towels, and much more
  • You can hook slim magazine holders onto a linen closet door to allow for easy access to reading material rather than being stacked on the floor

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