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Benefits A Wet Room Can Bring To Your Home

Jericho Home Improvements Offers Flawless Wet Room
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Wet areas, often called “wet rooms,” are versatile spaces you can incorporate into your bathroom remodeling project to create a unique, stylish look and feel. This upgrade style has become increasingly popular with homeowners and interior designers alike, as it gives a sense of luxury to the bathroom – which is hard to replicate with other types of design.

And they don’t just look great – they also add value to your home. As per industry data, a 144-square-foot wet room can cost around $21,600 and potentially generate an ROI of up to 70% when it’s time to sell.

Proper installation and high-quality materials make this space incredibly durable and long-lasting. A wet room is also watertight and won’t damage the surrounding walls or floors, making it more cost-effective than other shower types.

Here are some of the many benefits of remodeling a bathroom with this feature:

Modern Aesthetics To Create A Relaxing Atmosphere

The open layout of a wet room creates a spacious and luxurious feel that can make your bathroom feel like a high-end spa. The space can also look much larger without a traditional shower tray.

Expert bathroom remodelers offer a streamlined design approach that can help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation. Your new wet area can be the oasis of your dreams – utilizing sleek fixtures and unobtrusive drains.

Your contractor can customize the wet rooms to include a variety of textures and finishes, from concrete or marble tiles to natural stone or wood.

Easy To Maintain And Clean

With fewer nooks and crannies to worry about, a wet room is easier to keep clean. Homeowners can easily wipe down smooth surfaces with cloths or mops – and the proper drainage system can quickly remove pools from the floor.

Additionally, the lack of grout between the tiles makes them less susceptible to water and mold damage over time. With this added protection, your bathroom will remain in peak condition for years.

Without the tight corners of a traditional shower, you can easily access all of the components in the wet room for cleaning and maintenance.

Better Space Efficiency To Maximize Your Bathroom

Instead of planning around an enclosure or a shower tray – you can install a wet room in any space. If you’re remodeling a small bathroom or have limited square footage, this is an excellent way to make the most of every inch.

The open plan also allows for more creative and flexible designs for other desirable features, such as built-in seating areas and towel racks.

Easy Accessibility For Those With Limited Mobility

In traditional remodeled bathrooms, barriers such as shower curbs or high-sided bathtubs can make it difficult for individuals with mobility issues to enter and exit the shower or bath safely.

In contrast, wet rooms are designed with an altogether level floor that eliminates trip hazards. Therefore, someone with limited mobility can move around and use the shower or bath without any difficulty or risk of injury.

You can also customize wet rooms with features like grab bars and shower seats to provide additional support and stability for those who need them.

Energy-Efficient To Help Lower Your Utility Bills

The lack of tight corners or other enclosure components allows for more efficient water usage, which can help reduce your monthly utility bills. Additionally, the open space means that hot air can circulate freely throughout the room, allowing you to shower with less water and enjoy a more comfortable experience.

Plus, with fewer gaps and cracks that can let in moisture, wet rooms are also less prone to mold or mildew growth, meaning you can enjoy a healthier, cleaner environment in your bathroom. Professional bathroom remodeling companies can also install better insulation in your wet room to minimize energy usage.

Jericho Home Improvements Can Help You Design
Your Ideal Wet Room In Overland Park, KS

If you’re looking for a way to upgrade and modernize your bathroom, a wet room can be an excellent solution. Jericho Home Improvements is here to help you design the perfect space with superior workmanship that comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Our professional design consultants will help you choose the best materials and features for your master bathroom remodeling, from tile to fixtures and beyond.

Contact us today at (913) 308-0306 to schedule a free in-home consultation.

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