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Reduce Stress And Save Money By Replacing
Your Kansas City Kitchen And Bathroom

The Benefits Of Replacing Your Kitchen And Bathroom
At The Same Time

Having any work on your Kansas City home can be stressful, no matter how big or small the project may be. For many homeowners, it might sound like a nightmare to have to replace both the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. However, there are actually a few benefits to taking on this large project all at once

When we talk with homeowners in our area, they’re surprised to learn that we recommend replacing the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. Their first thought is often that it will cost too much money or be too stressful to have two vital areas under construction.

But since these rooms are the most used, a renovation can make a big impact on the look and feel of your home. Plus, kitchen and bathroom remodels see some of the highest rates of return on investments (ROI) when you go to sell.

Remodeling these two rooms together can save you stress down the line and give you years of enjoyment in the process.

1. Saves You Money 

When you remodel your kitchen and bathroom together with a home improvement company that excels in both services, it can save you a ton of money. How is this possible? Well, for one, you save on material and labor costs.

Many materials for the bathroom and kitchen, such as cabinets, tiles, flooring, and countertops, are manufactured at the same facilities. This makes it easy to save money when you purchase materials in bulk. You’ll also save money in disposal fees as your crew can clean up and remove your waste debris in one go.

Home remodeling companies often charge fees just to show up, so you’ll save money on labor costs when your crew can knock out two projects in one go. Your crew will ideally be well-skilled in both areas, saving you money in additional labor fees. When time is money, the quicker a project can be finished, the more money you’ll save.

2. Saves You Time 

In addition to money, you’ll also save yourself time by having the same crew to complete both projects. Oftentimes, the same tools and techniques are required for both bathroom and kitchen remodels, meaning your crew will cut down on needed work time tremendously.

For instance, if your installers already have the tools and skills to replace your countertops, they may as well do the countertops in the kitchen and bathroom simultaneously. It takes a good amount of preparation time to start these projects, so the less they need to break down and set back up, the less time the overall project will take.

Just finding an allotment of free time in your busy schedule to start a large project is difficult enough, so why not knock out two projects in one go? Your crew will save you time in transport and cleanup as well.

3. Helps Your Home’s Style Flow Together 

When you order your new kitchen and bathroom products together, you’ll be able to ensure a consistent flow throughout your home. This also removes the worry of not being able to find your ideal product down the line, as manufacturers are prone to discontinue production of certain products frequently.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing your favorite floor will be available to utilize in your kitchen and bathroom. By saving on bulk orders, you’re also more likely to choose consistent countertop or cabinet materials, allowing for thoughtful and purposeful home design.

Plus, when you work with the same company for your kitchen and bathroom remodel, you’ll have the advantage of using the same design consultant who can help factor in all your concerns.

Creates Less Stress 

At first glance, a dual kitchen and bathroom remodel may not seem less stressful, but considering alternatives certainly helps you see the bigger picture. During a kitchen remodel, most homes are unlivable, at least for a day or two, while electricity and plumbing get shut off.

If you’re already doing without a kitchen and having to stay with family, with friends, or at a hotel, you might as well come home to a new bathroom! Depending on the number of bathrooms you have in your home, you might need to leave for a day or so during a bathroom remodel.

Doing both projects together removes the need to leave your home twice. This eliminates the need for you and your family to pack up and find another place to stay two times. The stress of multiple displacements encourages many homeowners to do as much during one remodeling session as possible.

Saves You Additional Labor Fees 

Some kitchen and bathroom remodels require the assistance of outside help, such as professional plumbers and electricians. Each time one of these laborers has to come out, they charge an arm and a leg.

If their time is used more efficiently while visiting your home (aka knocking out two projects at once), you’ll save in base costs and added expenses. No one wants to pay for a plumber to come out twice when they can complete their work in one go.

Streamlining these services saves you money, time, and energy – three things that matter tremendously to most homeowners.

Use The Best Remodeling Company In Kansas City
To Make Your Dual Project As Efficient As Possible

At Jericho Home Improvements, we want to help our Kansas City customers save as much money and time as possible, always working cost-effectively and efficiently. We understand that a dual kitchen and bathroom remodel is a big undertaking, but we firmly believe it pays off in the long run.

Our superior products and highly-trained installers help us deliver stellar results every time. We also work to communicate clearly with our valued customers, sticking to our quotes and staying on time and on budget.

Contact us today for a free bathroom and kitchen design and remodel quote, or call us at (913) 308-0111 to get started.

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