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Why Budgeting For A Remodel In Kansas City Is Like Budgeting For A Party

You Have To Carefully Manage Costs And Decide What Works Best For The Budget You’ve Allotted.

One of the most common questions Kansas City homeowners have about kitchen and bathroom remodeling is this: “What’s it going to cost?”

The honest answer? It’s going to depend.

That’s probably not the answer you want to HEAR. But it’s the truth. No two remodeling projects are alike, so there’s not much point in ballparking a price in a blog article. In fact, budgeting for a kitchen or bath remodel is a lot like budgeting for a party.

Here’s why…

You Have To Determine What Kind Of Party You Want

Let’s say you’re planning a party with your significant other for next Saturday.

You agree to invite 30 people. This doesn’t tell you EXACTLY how much the party will be, but it starts to give you a better sense of what you need to budget for.

Exact costs, though, depend on specific choices you make for the party—decorations, food, refreshments, and so on.

If you choose to decorate with whatever you have on hand, make the party BYOB, and serve pizza, your costs will be relatively low. We’ll say $100.

If you choose to purchase new decorations, serve Alaskan King Crab, provide top-shelf “refreshments” for guests, and hire a DJ, you’re going to invest much more. Let’s say $900.

Whichever route you go, you’re still going to have a party. But the budgetary decisions you make will impact the final result.

The more expensive party will be the one people talk about well after it’s over. But either way, it’s a party.

Couple Envisioning Their Kitchen Remodel In A Sketch

You Have To Determine What Kind Of REMODEL You Want

We look at kitchen and bathroom remodeling the same way. During your Design Consultation, we discuss your budget with you and give you an estimated price. Where your exact costs will fall will depend on the choices you make for your remodel.

So, if you want to go with the “hamburgers, hotdogs, BYOB” version of kitchen flooring, that works for us. Even our lower-budget materials are of the highest quality.

And if you want the “Alaskan crab, DJ” version of kitchen flooring, that’s great too. We specialize in luxury, high-end kitchen and bathroom materials.

As you make your budgeting decisions, we’ll let you know how they impact your overall costs. Whichever way you choose to move forward, we’ll give you a fair and honest price. We can explore your financing options to show you all the payment options on the table if you’re interested.

Bottom line: We accommodate YOUR budget. And we help you determine the most economical way to get the kitchen or bathroom remodel you DESERVE.

The Only Wrong Way To Remodel Is Choose The Wrong Remodeler

Honestly, the only way homeowners can mess up a remodel is to choose the wrong contractor. By that, we mean inexperienced contractors, insufficiently skilled, put profits over people or some combination of all of these.

Picking one of these contractors is a surefire way to get underwhelming results for your money no matter what kind of “party” you’re budgeting for.

Choose The Kansas City Remodeler You Can Trust

We can get you started with a free consultation and estimate if you’re considering a kitchen or bathroom remodel in the Kansas City area. We’ll discuss your budget and provide you with an estimated price for what you’re looking to achieve.

We would be honored to hear from you.

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