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Enhance Your Lee’s Summit, MO Bathroom
Remodeling Project With Automation

How Adding Smart Features Could
Save You Time And Money

When you think of home automation, the first room that comes to mind may not be your bathroom. However, if you are considering a bathroom remodeling project in Lee’s Summit, MO, adding automated features could be an easy upgrade that will end up saving you time and money or adding a touch of luxury.

Read on to learn all the information you need to add automation to your bathroom remodel. Enjoy making bath time even more luxurious and soothing.

Is It Easy To Add Automation To My Lee’s Summit, MO
Bathroom Remodeling Project?

Automation may sound complicated, but it really refers to any feature that incorporates technology. It might mean added sensors or the ability to control fixtures remotely. One of the best features of automated technology is that you can incorporate it as little or as much as you like.

It can be as simple as a sensor on a light switch. Or you can go for it and fully outfit your bathroom by making every fixture hands-free, remotely controlled, and technologically enhanced. You can customize your space to your comfort level and interest in technology.

Adding things like hands-free features and automatic power switches is simple. They can often save you time by being touch-free and able to control from your smartphone. And they can even save you money on your power bill.

Incorporate Automation For Convenience
In Your Bathroom Remodel

Automated features can greatly enhance the convenience of your bathroom. One of the easiest features to add automation to are light switches and fan switches. 

Having a fan that automatically switches on when the shower is being used or a light switch that senses when the room is empty and turns off is a small way to make life a little easier. 

Imagine never having to remind a loved one to turn off the lights when they leave the room (or never having to be reminded). A feature like this can save power that can really add up on an electric bill over time.

Another convenience of automation is using hands-free fixtures like faucets and toilets. Eliminating the movement of flipping on a faucet or lifting a toilet lid may sound minor, but it can make daily tasks feel just a little easier and save time in small increments.

Automated water fill sensors for bathtubs can monitor water levels to avoid overflow and conserve water. There are even tubs that allow you to program the water temperature and level ahead of time and automatic draining features.

Ways To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom
Remodel With Automation

If you are looking to go beyond convenience to luxury in your bathroom remodeling project, there are many automated enhancement options out there. Your bathroom can turn into a sanctuary of relaxation with some cutting-edge automated features.

One of the most luxurious options is technologically enhanced mirrors with embedded display screens that can show you the time and temperature and even play movies and television shows.

Imagine soaking in the tub while conveniently watching your favorite movie, with no TV screen taking up extra wall space or tablet balancing precariously near the tub. 

Heated floors and towel warmers are more automated luxury features that are especially nice for cold winter mornings. 

If you want to be a little fancy, some showers coordinate their water spray with LED light displays and even music. If you want a shower that doesn’t just get you clean but relaxes and recharges you with a sensory experience, this is definitely a luxurious option.

For Convenience Or Luxury, Consider Adding
Automation To Your Bathroom Remodel

Whether your goal is convenience, luxury, or both, automation in your bathroom remodel can be a great enhancement. It is easy to add with a few subtle touches or to go all out with the newest technology.

When planning your bathroom remodeling project, talk to your designers about all the possibilities for automated features. They will have great ideas for you to incorporate into your new state-of-the-art bathroom. 

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