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4 Tips To Help You Choose A Sink During
Blue Springs, MO Kitchen Remodeling

A Few Factors Involved In Making
Your Dream Kitchen

One of the best parts of completing a kitchen remodeling project in your Blue Springs, MO home is getting to decide what the future of your kitchen looks like. One of the most frequently used parts of our kitchen is your sink, so finding the right sink for your family can be a bit of a challenge.

At Jericho Home Improvements, we aim to help with that! We’ll discuss a few tips to help you choose the best sink to incorporate into your kitchen remodel design.

1. What Kinds Of Sink Material
For My Kitchen Remodel?

There are a surprising number of materials you could use for your Kansas City Metro kitchen sink, and we can guide you through a few of them. Before we begin, we should also let you know that we always choose to work with high-quality products regardless of which material you choose!

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is a favorite of many homeowners due to its simple design and, most importantly, because it is easy to clean! You’ll also find that in addition to being stain-resistant and microprobe-resistant, stainless steel is one of the more affordable options available.

Cast Iron

Cast iron remains a popular option in part because it has serious durability – and because it looks good! A couple of additional advantages to cast iron include its heat resistance and overall durability. The downsides? Cast iron is very heavy and might require some reinforcing in your cabinets. It also needs more cleaning than stainless steel and is more vulnerable to scratches.


A quartz sink is a mix of natural stone and man-made resin. The good news is that quartz is then available in a variety of colors. The best part of quartz is that it is truly durable – it can last 40 years or more! Quartz is heat resistant and stain resistant in addition to being so tough that you’ll want to be careful when throwing sensitive dishes in without water, as they could break!


Granite is similar to quartz in that it is often made of a composite material of natural stone and resin. Like cast iron, granite is very heavy and can require reinforced cabinets. The big plus sides include serious durability of 40-plus years and heavy resistance to everything but chipping.

2. Sink Mount Types For Your Kitchen Remodel

There are two basic ways kitchen sinks are made to connect with the sink cabinet, and they have different advantages and disadvantages.

Drop In

A drop-in sink involves having an additional “lip” around the sink that allows the sink to be fastened to the cabinet. The upside to this is that the price is usually less than an undermount sink. The disadvantage is that the sink’s lip is another place to clean, which could create extra work.


An under-mount sink uses clips or fasteners to attach to the underside of your cabinet. These usually cost a bit more than a drop-in sink. To many homeowners, there are a couple of big advantages to an under-mount sink. First, without a lip, they have a little less exposed space to clean. Second, many homeowners think they look better because they offer more sleek lines.

3. Will You Need New Cabinets For Your Kitchen
Remodel And New Sink?

Depending on what sink you choose, you might need stronger or reinforced cabinets. A sink made from natural stone or a man-made composite combined with a load of water and dishes could stress out your cabinets.

This is part of why we often suggest replacing sinks and cabinets as part of a complete kitchen remodel. Installing a heavier, stronger cabinet can also pave the way for a heavier sink in the future if you decide to go lighter for now. We’ll help you make this decision!

4. Do You Prefer A Single Or Double Bowl Sink In
Your Remodeled Kitchen?

We don’t think we’ve ever heard of a Blue Springs, MO homeowner complaining about having too much space in their sink. Still, a single bowl sink does work for some homes in an effort to save on costs and a bit of space. To be fair, there are plenty of ideas to save space in a small kitchen remodel while getting a double bowl sink!

A double bowl sink is ideal for families who do meal prep together or prefer to wash dishes by hand. You can have the two sides of the sink assigned to two different things, like washing fruits and veggies with the other side for washing dishes, or have one side for storing dishes while the other is for washing. It’s really up to you!

Of course, we can help guide you there!

We would love to help you remodel your kitchen and pick out just the right sink for your family’s home. You can schedule an in-person consultation with us or call us at (913) 303-8544.