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Our Neat-Freak Crew Respects Your
Home As If It Were Their Own

Throughout Your Entire Remodel,
We ‘Strive For Spotless’

Why is it that some Kansas City kitchen and bath remodeling projects fail? Would it surprise you that even when the remodel turns out great, it can be the experience that brings the whole thing down?

We’ve heard the horror stories, but we won’t share them here. This article would run way too long if we did that! Instead, we’d rather spend our precious page space showing you why Jericho Home Improvements excels at organization, cleanliness, and respect for you and your home.

Cleanliness is crucial for the success of any remodeling project. A cluttered and dirty work site can create safety hazards, hinder progress, and be inconvenient for homeowners.

That’s why we prioritize cleanliness and strive to maintain an impeccably clean and organized work site.

We’re also diligent in taking the necessary steps to protect the rest of your home from dust and debris, using various methods other contractors find to be “extra work.”

But for us, cleanliness and organization are never considered “extra work.” We consider both a mandatory aspect of every remodel.

Our End-Of-Day Organization And Cleanliness Would
Earn Us A Michelin Star As A Restaurant

A restaurant must maintain an immaculate front of house and back of house to be considered eligible for a Michelin Star Rating.

So why should home remodeling be any different?

Many contractors fall short when it comes to being pristine and clean, justifying their messiness by saying, “we’ll be back to work on it tomorrow, anyhow.”

From the somewhat clean to the downright dirty – we know that it is never acceptable to leave even one nail out of place when our crew is done for the day.

There are two vital reasons for this!

1. We Protect Your Home As If It Were Our Own

When your home faces a significant kitchen or bathroom remodel, things can get messy fast. For example, dust and particles released during the remodeling process can get stuck in your HVAC system and on the surfaces of surrounding areas for months.

That’s why we take absolutely no chances when it comes to fully protecting the other areas of your home from our work. We ensure that every opening from your home’s entry point to the work site is sealed off with zipper doors.

Then, we ensure all surfaces are covered, protecting them from dust, nicks, scratches, and dings. After all, what’s the point of installing top-quality materials if we’re just going to decrease their value immediately? That would defeat the whole purpose of the remodel!

Apart from keeping the rest of your home clean and unscathed, there’s an even bigger reason for our over-the-top cleanliness and organization – your family’s safety.

2. Keeping You And Your Family Safe

When homeowners are in the middle of a remodel, they may want to sneak a peek at the progress after the crew leaves for the night.

While we don’t necessarily encourage this, you have every right to see how your renovation is coming along. And because we don’t want to spoil any of your fun, we prioritize keeping every tool in its rightful place and every nail put away.

This is especially true with children and pets in the house. We know that one sharp object out of place can ruin your entire remodeling experience.

What drives us to make all of this orderliness effortless? There’s a very simple and easy answer to that – respect.

We Are Guests In Your Home.
So Respect Is A Top Priority

By now, it’s no mystery that at Jericho Home Improvements, we make Raving Fans of all past customers. But just how do we achieve this with such a high success rate?

Our immaculate Master Craftsmen-led remodels, cleanliness, and organization of our workspace in your home are certainly good reasons for our enthusiastic fanbase.

But we also know it’s due to our above-and-beyond respectful code of conduct.

After all, remodeling isn’t just about the end result. The process it takes to get there can often make or break the entire experience.

Many kitchen and bathroom remodelers talk a big game about their respectful conduct but don’t back their words with actions.

But we do – both inside and outside of remodeling.

It may not seem like it at first glance – but our enthusiasm for philanthropy and giving back reflects in everything we do.

The more we learn to serve those in need, the better we get at helping our customers in their needs.

So if you’re ready to reimagine your Kansas City kitchen or bath with beautiful craftsmanship and want it done by a contractor who offers unparalleled respect – contact Jericho Home Improvements for a free quote today!