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You Know You

For some time, all kitchen home improvements in Richmond, MO, meant you were going to take your kitchen from dull, dark, and dingy to a sparkling white. While white in a kitchen will always be a classic color, the newest trends are all about color. First off, start with thinking about what you like most. You know best what will make you feel the best in your home. If you feel a sinking sensation every time you walk into your kitchen, it is time for a change. If you love white, there is no one who is more of an expert than you on what will make you happy, but if you love to be up with the latest trends, color is where it is at. 

Color Everywhere

You will want to add lots of color to your home improvement in Richmond, MO if you want to achieve the latest trend. Start with the floors done in rich, warm, dark tones that begin to create a cozy place to gather together. You can choose wood or maybe tile for your floor – both are very easy ways to add color to your kitchen.  Appliances of today come in so many colors that the choices you make can apply to floors, walls, and even appliances.

Is Black A Color?

A color that is not actually often thought of as a color is black. Black as your color can add a modern edge to any kitchen. You may want just splashes of color or to achieve a kitchen that is full of warm, rich, dark colors. You can add an infusion of color to your kitchen with cabinets that are painted in hues of blues and greens. You can have one color for an island and another for cabinets. You might choose to have the upper cabinets one color and the lower ones another color. Countertops are an exciting way to give a kitchen that inspiration color by adding a stunning piece of granite countertop that is so beautiful it inspires the rest of your kitchen colors – even into other rooms of your home.


The kitchen is not always a room that we think should be comfy, but it should. Every room in your home should be comfortable. A cozy reading nook in a window seat is a cozy way to add color to your kitchen home improvement. You can add pillows of color and make it a comfy little place to spend an afternoon. You can add a fireplace to your kitchen with stones or tile. A fireplace not only gives you color, but also adds a warm, inviting space to your kitchen design that will draw friends and family to the kitchen to gather together. 

Color of Choice

White may be your color of choice, but maybe you’ll feel like a movie star when you are surrounded by splashes of yellow. Whatever color makes your kitchen dreams a delight, we can make those dreams a reality at Jericho Home Improvements. We have kitchen galleries that will inspire you to choose the color of your dream kitchen. So call today to talk to our kitchen designer to add some color to your kitchen.