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A Guide To Color Trends For Your Bathroom
Remodeling Service In Lee’s Summit, MO

Choose The Perfect Colors For Your
Kansas City Metro Bathroom

There is nothing worse than having a bathroom that just doesn’t live up to your expectations and isn’t the aesthetic that you dreamed of. When you turn to Jericho Home Improvements for your Lee’s Summit, MO bathroom remodeling project, you’ll have the opportunity to create the bathroom of your dreams.

Our professional team of designers is here to help you customize a bathroom that you will never want to leave. Design your own beautiful oasis with colors that make your soul sing and make you want to sit and relax after a long and tiring day.

For those who may be feeling lost on the colors they want to put into their new beautiful bathroom, Jericho Home Improvements is here to help.

Here are some of the trending colors for your bathroom remodeling project and some tips and tricks for how you can make your space unique.

Neutral Colors Never Go Out Of Style
In Bathroom Remodeling Trends

Neutral colors are a tried and true trend for homeowners, and it’s not hard to see why. Colors like gray, white, neutral beige, or even beautiful black are great options for every homeowner.

They give your bathroom a sense of timeless elegance and can help showcase other features in your bathroom. When you choose to aim for neutral colors in your walls, tub, or shower, you have the creative liberty to add intricate detail in other places in your bathroom.

Choose something with an incredibly unique pattern to compliment your walls and enjoy your serene oasis. You can pair your neutral colors with detailed fixtures or even beautiful natural materials like flowers or plants.

Turn your bathroom into the space of your dreams and add unique details to make it stand out.

Beautiful Blues For Your Bathroom
Remodeling Project

Blue has increasingly become a favorite color for homeowners. Opting for a dark blue can help give your bathroom a unique flare. You could even consider a gorgeous light blue to give your home a beachy vibe.

Why not enjoy the tranquility of the beach while in the comfort of your own home? Dark blues are wonderful when combined with gold fixtures and accents and can make your space feel more sophisticated.

Pair a light blue with neutral colors like beige and white, and maybe add in a serene beach scene to make your bathtub feel like the perfect getaway.

Achieve A Light Vibe With Pastels For
Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Light pastels used to be all the rage in master bathroom remodeling. After taking a brief hiatus from being on trend, pastels are back.

Light colors like blue, pink, and green lighten up the room and are a great way to give your bathroom a vintage feel. If you have windows in your bathroom, these light colors can reflect the natural light to make your space feel open and airy.

Homeowners can add their unique flair by combining these colors with light, neutral accessories for a timeless and classic vibe.

Bring Nature Into Your Home With
A Bathroom Remodeling Project

Picture yourself in a beautiful outdoor shower or tub in a glorious rainforest. Can you imagine anything more relaxing than that?

Well, you can bring this same feeling into your home when you opt for earth-toned colors during your bathroom remodeling project. You can incorporate colors like dark greens or gorgeous browns to make your home feel like the ultimate natural getaway.

Complete the vision by adding green plants and unique flowers. You can even add some stunning wood trim to your shower or bath to make it feel like an outdoor space.

Get Creative During Your Bathroom Remodeling
Project With Bright Colors

Bright colors often give spaces a unique style and can brighten your mood every time you walk into your bathroom. Get creative and mix and match bright colors for a truly unique experience that makes your bathroom stand out from the crowd.

A beautiful red can make your bathroom feel bright and exciting. A vibrant yellow can bring out your positive vibe. Pair these bright colors with a neutral tub or shower to make your bathroom the absolute perfect space for you.

Of course, the most important thing about choosing the colors during your bathroom remodeling project is picking those that speak to you the most. Jericho Home Improvements is here to help you get the bathroom of your dreams.

If you are interested in bathroom remodeling in Lee’s Summit, MO, turn to Jericho Home Improvements for your free quote today.