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Making a small bathroom look good and functional can be a challenge. While you may not be able to create a spa-like bathroom, you may still end up with a great looking space. As you work on this bathroom remodeling in Richmond, MO, you may find it helpful to get design tips from professionals. Would any of these creative solutions work for your home, design style and budget?

  • Use Vertical Space: Small bathrooms have little space, but you can create an appealing look while adding more storage by installing floating shelves. Incorporating decorative boxes to hold toiletries may make this even more of a statement piece.
  • Incorporate Bold Colors: Using bright colors in a large space can feel overwhelming, but you may be able to use a bold color in a small space. You may want to avoid overdoing it with accessories if you go this route.
  • Install Tiles: The way you install your tiles may change the feeling of your bathroom remodeling in Richmond, MO. For example, placing tiles in a vertical pattern up the wall may make the ceiling seem like it is higher up. A taller ceiling can make the whole room feel bigger.
  • Beef Up a Pedestal Sink: Sometimes adding anything bigger than a pedestal sink can make a small space feel smaller. However, you can still get some storage space. Add a curtain around the base or shelves below the sink to get the most out of this space.
  • Use a Sliding Door: You may not realize how much space a swinging door takes up. Save yourself some hassle by installing a pocket door instead.

When it is time for bathroom remodeling in Richmond, MO, you should turn to a contractor no matter the size of your room. This person may be able to help you design your space, pick out fixtures and make bold choices. A contractor can also reduce the stress of redoing a bathroom.