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Remodeling a bathroom can be a big project, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Half the battle is knowing what you want from your new bathroom, but half the battle is finding the right contractor. If you are considering bathroom remodeling in Richmond, MO, then consider Jericho Home Improvement. If you need suggestions for bathroom updates, here are some current trends in bathroom style.

Many people prefer a spa-style shower. A rain showerhead is an easy upgrade that will give new life to your bathroom. It works especially well in a master bath that’s been converted from a tired, old bathroom to an open floor plan bathroom. This gives you not a simple shower stall but an entire shower room, making showering a multisensory experience. Picture an entire shower room, with everything tiled and small built-in nooks for storage of things like soap. If you want to make your shower even more luxurious during your bathroom remodeling in Richmond, MO, add body spray heads at various levels.

Another stylish trend you may want from Jericho Home Improvement is to add custom-styled cabinetry that really looks and functions like a piece of furniture. Trade up your basic vanity for beautiful cabinetry with sculpted legs and paneling that mimics a piece of furniture, rather than a more traditional vanity.

A vessel sink is a beautiful option, especially in a powder room. Rather than a traditional porcelain sink set into a vanity, choose a custom vessel sink made from cast stone, clear glass, hammered metal or some other unique material. This can create a beautiful focal point in a bathroom, especially a compact one with few other opportunities to create updated style.

Bathroom remodeling in Richmond, MO can be a positive experience. Think of it as an opportunity to add value to your home and add value to your quality to your life. Let Jericho Home Improvement support you as you embark on this exciting project.