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You can find a tutorial for just about anything online, which is why DIY projects are becoming more and more prevalent in the world of home improvements. With the state of the economy, many homeowners also prefer a DIY kitchen remodel because they feel that it will save them money — they won’t have to hire an expert kitchen remodeler, after all. But while a DIY kitchen remodel might seem like an appealing adventure, it’s questionable whether or not it actually saves you money. In some cases, it actually might be more cost effective to go with an expert kitchen remodeler.


Kitchen remodelers are professionals, which means they’re licensed and, often, insured. They typically come with general liability insurance and worker’s compensation. While they are experts, mistakes can still happen on the job. Insurance makes sure that when those mistakes do happen, you won’t be held liable and won’t have to pay any more than you already have. Without a professional, you have no such security. If something goes wrong on the job, and with a job as expansive as a kitchen remodel it’s entirely possible, you will have to bear the cost for repairs or hospital bills yourself.

Time Away From Work

A kitchen remodel is an intensive project. They can take 6-8 weeks even with a kitchen remodeling expert who has a whole team at their back and all day every business day to dedicate to your project. For an amateur without an entire team or the resources of a professional, it can take even longer. You may need to take time away from work in order to finish your kitchen remodel, and you may not have enough paid time off to do so. If you try to remodel around your work schedule, your project will take that much longer and expand the time that you’re unable to use your kitchen.

Long Term Costs

A DIY kitchen remodel may cost less money upfront, though it will take considerable time and you’ll have to go without insurance. But without expert care, it won’t hold up as long as a professional kitchen remodel. That means you may find yourself in need of another kitchen remodel in a few years. On the other hand, an expert kitchen remodeler can give you the most durable, efficient appliances and options so that your kitchen will last for years and years. 

While a DIY kitchen remodel may seem exciting at the start, at the end of the day it’s much more worthwhile to have an expert kitchen remodeler tackle the project. In Kansas City, that’s Jericho Home Improvements. Contact us today for more information or to get started with a free estimate. Still need help affording your kitchen remodel? Check out our special offers, like our current 10% off any bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

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