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Changing lives of our customers… and our community.

Hello raving fans! The kids are back in school, the weather is still warm enough to enjoy some delicious ice-cream, and the circus is in town… Does it get any better?

Of course!

We are pleased to announce that Habitat for Humanity has named us “Donor of the Month” for September!

Not organs, but donating surplus materials & supplies from our projects earned this award! Everything we can donate, that Habitat for Humanity ReStore will accept, we do! Habitat ReStore takes our donations and uses the proceeds to fund Habitat for Humanity*. Customers can make beautiful improvements to their home, while having the satisfaction that someone else can enjoy an improvement because of it as well.

Over the years, we have progressively developed our relationship with Habitat for Humanity, and will continue to do so. As our company grows, the amount that we are able to donate grows as well. We look forward to blessing the lives of many people in need…

A company that does not waste…

Love it!